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By the time this post is done, the DNS address should have resolved, and the blog will be back online. Not that any of you will notice. You all deserve many apologies from myself for having ignored all of you and stood on the sideline in a dark-colored pancho daydreaming. Metaphorically speaking. I am, however, back, and in a good mood, with loud music again, and with good speakers. First on the list: landmarks in geekdom.

Suspended Animation: 1, 2, 3, 4 (watch this one, very funny).

Intel sued by AMD: 1, 2.

American (IT) Economy Sucks, the EU sucks: 1, 2, 3.

Anyways, I've been at Daniel's house since the 17th. I was there a total of 11 days, which, when you think about spending time with any one group of people, is a long time. It was overall pretty fun, I spent a lot of time helping out at Daniel's church (which, I maintain, is identical to mine). Ben got me convinced to get Star Wars Galaxies after watching him play and learning the level system. I had been set on Guild Wars, but I then learned the level limit is 20, which kind of defeats the fun I hope for in these games. I didn't do much at Daniel's house in particular beyond watch Babylon 5, 24, and play Gladius with them. I was also not able to blast my techno without my large speakers. What can one do?

I was not a complete bum, though. I helped out at their VBS (Vacation Bible School), which was more interesting than expected. Daniel and I got the four and five-year-olds, and while they aren't exactly aware of their surroundings at that point, they manage to be a handful. It's hard to teach anything complex or meaningful to kids that young, and some of you would have laughed heartily at what they were doing.

Example: "God Loves You"
A non-competitive version of musical chairs, four hoola-hoops are placed on the ground. The kids run around in a circle while the leader sings some tune, and jump into the nearest hoola-hoop when the music stops. Upon jumping into the hoola-hoop, kids say "God loves you!" to eachother. Remove one hoola-hoop, rinse and repeat.

Events such as this and a puppet show, with one puppet commandeered by myself, are to be found at VBS. The unfortunate side-effect of VBS is the teen study, in which a highly aged and experienced engineer (whom I admire for his personal quality and ability) gives us a sort of "look at me as an example" lesson. On top of the style of teaching, it is a low-discussion class, which does not fly smoothly with me. My style of "saying something against the grain, and then backing it up with experience or references" does not work, as I usually get stopped at "saying something against the grain", making me look like some kind of "bad" Christian. Anyways.

Beyond helping out at the church, I also attempted to bike around the lake with some of my Scout troop. This is a 100 mile trip, which, contrary to what I was thinking, is not just a 50 miles trip that goes for 50 more miles. No, this is much harder than that. Factors that did not help: I forgot an essential tube to my camelback, the route was very badly planned, and I forgot sunscreen. I made it 70 miles before Daniel, K2, and I all quit. It gets hard after 65 miles. Oh well.

EDIT: Pictures, stolen from Benjamin.

At the first grocery stop, nice and healthy. 15 miles.

At the lunch stop, fairly healthy. 50 miles.

At a shaded area, not very healthy. 65 miles.

My mom and dad had some interesting stories about their bike trip, which may or may not come later. At the moment, I need to grab a coke, mow some lawns, and relax for the wonderful 10 days I have before running off to see my grandparent's 50th anniversary, instead of getting to see Ben and Gemma's wedding.
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