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Tomorrow, I'm off for camp. Getting up at 7 AM is going to be a huge challenge, but, as always, it should be quite fun. A break from the nonsense of boredom, at least. Work hasn't improved much, I spent all of today basically waiting for more information so I could do my task. Fun.

Last night was good. There was a study of sorts which occured in my attic (which Greg lead), and lots of people showed up. I finally got to sit down and talk to Greg for a few hours (few, as in like 3), and that was really, really good. I managed to get a lot of stuff off of my mind and all that jazz.

I could complain about how bored I've been, but that is not the purpose of blogging. If I wanted to do that, I'd go get a xanga. Oh! Burn! I just don't have the spark to write well or in large quantity, so I am afraid I must leave you with this poor offering. I'll get back into it eventually, no worries.

Wait just a minute. I had a thought-provoking thought. Bear with my philosophisms.

In my boredom I've had plenty of time to think, and one such thing I've pondered is how people will often long for the simplicity of childhood. In pulling out my N64 recently, it's unlocked a lot of memories I had of what I felt like as a little kid. And honestly, I don't think I want that back. A good example is cars. Most teenagers want cars, they want to drive them, they want to own one, they want the freedom of going where they please. And yet, after two or threes of car ownership, most owners become entirely unenthused with their car. It's a burden to drive, it becomes only a means to an end. And when the car is gone for repairs, (and this is based of my observations of others) few recognize what exactly they are missing. They never say "I am frustrated by my lack of easy transportation, and thereby freedom of mobility.", many will say "My stupid car is retarded, it never works, I deserve a working car.". There's an obvious lack of recognition about what a car is, and the fact that it is a privelage, and not a right. It's the same way, as I recall, as a kid, compared to now. I act the same way with such privelages that I earned throughout time.

Ideally, going back to being 5 would be "more simplistic" and "easier", but that is assuming you would know about life then what you know now. Life only becomes more complex as you gain in knowledge, so the simplicity lies only in ignorance. In a sense, by saying that being a child again would be nice is saying that ignorance is bliss. And there you have... profound statement. Why I felt the need to state this or what this accomplishes is irrelevant. I've succesfully wasted time that would have gone towards packing. Thank you, my faithful readers.

EDIT: Also, the new Coldplay CD is very nice.
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