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I forgot to mention this, but I hope you've all seen what Katrina's done, it's really amazing. You hear about floods all the time, but this really is on the scale of the damage the tsunami did. Obviously not on such a huge scale, but considering how few natural disasters damage the U.S., excepting Florida, this really is noteworthy. I know God is working through this, despite all the death and destruction we see. That's my two cents.

As you can see, changes are in progress. Things are happening. It's basically reverting back to the old template, but, it should look marginally better, if nothing else. If I just get too frustrated, the old template is coming back. I'm not keen on redoing all the JS I had integrated into this.

Last day of work is tomorrow. I slept in today, on purpose. The nice thing about being payed by the hour is you recieve your own punishment for being late, so I don't mind too much. All it means is I have to work a little harder for the parts. Which reminds me. Let me tell you about them parts.


So, the parts I put in the day the HDD broke (which I didn't back up) were these:
The PSU, CD-RW and DVD-R are all black, fitting the theme of my computer. This racked up a tidy total of 155 bucks (including shipping). That puts us at a total of about 225 bucks, thanks to mister case.

The next round of parts will be:
Bringing that to a total of 715 dollars. With shipping, about 720. The motherboard is black, too, and quite an awesome price. I don't want SLI since there's no way I'm spending money on two 7800GTs. The gravity of this video card is immense. I hope you all understand that. That card is the second best thing you can buy. It's quite a good price considering the free BF2, which I was going to buy anyways. It's gonna be hot. That will bring the total under 1000 dollars, which was the goal. There's a bunch of other things I'd like to get if possible (maybe for Christmas or birthday) that add up to about 300, speakers, a sound card, new headphones, that kinda stuff. A new HDD is definitely in order, I don't know what that will be on the budget, but before all the extra goodies for sure.

I'll order that once Mom and Dad get back from picking up Jonothan (the paycheck won't arrive until after they leave, and they're the ones with teh monay), at which point the metamorphosis will be complete. I'm excited, to say the least.


So, that's about it. I'll keep doing improvements on the template and such, it will regain its former glory with time.
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