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So, the braces are gone, forever. I am done. My teeth feel gigantic. Of course, it's to be expected after 3 years of this silliness. My teeth were pretty screwed up before, though, so it was worth it. I've still gotta go back in about 10 minutes to get the retainers, which won't be cool, but hopefully after THAT, I'm off to the mall for a haircut and to grab the retail copy of WoW. I have no camera on me, so the new picture of me won't be till later. I wanna wait till I have the new glasses anyways.

Speaking of which, the eye doctor thing didn't happen. I'll go once my dad's back, so it'll be a few days before the glasses come.

Since apparantly people don't read AIM profiles (I don't either, really) anymore, here's the schedule I've got. It's exactly what I asked for. People I know I have classes with are in teh parenthesis.
  1. Digital Electronics [Peters] (Mike)
  2. AP Computer Science [Teukolsky]
  3. Computer Integrated Manufacturing [Briegle] (Mike)
  4. H-Math 11 [Csaki] (Elliot)
  5. AP Physics [Lynn] (Can't remember, I know at least one person is)
  6. PE/AP Physics (^)
  7. H-US History [Powers]
  8. H-English 11 [Amodeo] (Gwen, Mike, some more people I can't recall)
So, that's that. Jonothan got in okay and is having a grand olde time, so this is a good thing.

Ahem. I just got back from the Orthodontist. So I didn't get these crazy retainers that I see everybody else with - they're just plastic molds of my teeth, they made one of them wrong so the top is pretty uncomfortable, but they said the new one I'll get in two days will be better. I only have to wear them for a full week, and after that, at nights at my choosing. They seem much better than the plastic-wire ones.

I also got a haircut. Pleasing.

I also bought WoW, making me an official player paying participant in an online game.

You can guess where I'm off to.


ha. too good not to mention.
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