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So far, school has sucked less by a factor of 1.1 than last year. The days go by faster and things are generally better, but there are a few downs in the day. APCS (ms. Teukolsky has been a real jerk lately), and of course, the "Csaki" effect. I went to my counselor to get switched down, but he talked me into waiting for a few days. His statistic that all her students performed very well on finals scared me, but in retrospect: how did he know the mean scores for her class and year off the top of his head, when there's hundreds of teachers and classes? Colette also informed me that out of 24 students in just one of her classes, 14 dropped to regents before the end. The real kicker (as in, point that got me to wait) was that he said I might not be able to take Precalc next year, but considering that my Physics class 'requires' precalc and that chem 'required' course 3, I'm not sweating that.

I'm ready to get out of this school-centric mood, though. Seems like I just kind of alternate between WoW and school every day. 122 hours of the game is just too much, dear friends, too much. Not 'too much' in the 'i should play less' sense, but in the 'i should talk to my friends more' sense. (as a side note, one of Christopher's friends is offering me his 60 hunter, mostly rare, possibly epic)

So here I am. No, I still haven't ordered the parts, meaning, nothing significant will change about the blog here for a while. I've grabbed half a dozen family guy episodes in Jonothan's honor, so that he can catch up a bit. Christopher has suggested I grab some Venture Bros., too. I need your thoughts.

And for now, homework.
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