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Things have normalized, life is normal, things are good. The PSAT left me amused, I expected something difficult. The hardest part was doing the 38 questions in 30 minutes (I am slow, teh woe), which I managed to do. I only omitted 4 question, hooray me. I expect a good score.

For my college major I put down 303 - Computer Science. I was doing a little research on all the fields that I've been interested in, to find out that a lot of them were not quite what I'm looking for. Ideally, I'd like something that combines Software Engineering, Number Theory (those two combined equal Computer Science, basically), and an engineering science, like Physics, Astrophysics, or Biomedical. I was slightly disappointed by what wiki had to say about Biomedical engineering, but then again, the article wasn't of great quality, so I'm doubting it was entirely accurate, but doing something that, say, involved designing the software for some hospital machine would be cool. I've always been kinda interested in physically healing people (dude, I play a Medic in BF2, a priest in WoW, you get the idea), but I can see that fading out or being disillusioned out of.

In any case, Computer Science is about as good as it gets right now, and so that's what I put down. It's fun planning out your life.


A word about BF2, if I may. I was pretty excited to get it free with the video card, but my enthusiasm has been mildly curbed since. It has to be one of the most poorly coded games I've ever played. It crashes constantly, the graphics engine is grossly inefficient, the memory management is horrible, it has horrible glitches that are glaringly obvious and yet not fixed, and a lot of the gameplay is flawed. It's kinda fun, but it's a lot of pain for only a marginal amount of fun. The thing I hate most is the artillery. I honestly don't think it has any good use. Your commander can call it in on any area viewed by a person on the team, but to be of use, enemies have to be there, and if there are enemies, there are friendlies. It teamkills almost as much as it kills. There are also other balancing issues that I don't like (ex. if you're on foot, all vehicles are going to murder you without fail, unless you're an unsees anti-tank infantry, and the only vehicles I've ever seen do anything besides make for fast transportation are the tanks, helicoptors, and airplanes), and yet despite these I've had some fun playing it. The gameplay is dynamic enough to make it worth playing, anyways. If I had more memory and a faster harddrive, that would make it a little more worth playing.


Anyways, this homework isn't getting done on its own.
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