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Shameless? Perhaps.
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I have recently been accused of shamelessely whoring myself for the chance of increasing the traffic this site sees. My response? You are 100%, absolutely, positively, without a doubt, correct.

With this fact established, I must move on. Right now, as I have told several of my colleagues, my body feels like nausea. My muscles refuse to cooperate. My head feels like a small child has just discovered the piano and has decided to attempt to play the Tocatta in D Minor with no formal training. My stomache? Let's not go there. Long story short, I didn't go to school today, with this being possibly the first day that I actually had a reason beyond hating school to stay home. I hadn't eaten all day, until I just now ate 4 pieces of pizza, and yet I can estimate no measurable difference in feeling as far as my stomache is concerned.

As far as school is concerned, I face a crossroads of some level of importance. I have three options for physics. I can stay in AP Physics, which will require a bulleted list to explain the advantages and disadvantages.
  • A fairly large amount of work is required.
  • Will require about twice as much work as I'm doing now to hopefully ensure an acceptable grade.
  • Lots of friends in the class, but...
  • ...she just changed the seating arrangement to adjust for people that have left the class, separating all of us. Since most of the class is spent listening to her lectures, this basically reduces the fun factor by a lot.
Or, I can move to Honors Physics.
  • Will require minor amounts of work.
  • Will require minor amounts of explaining to the guidance counselor and teacher.
  • Will probably not have many (if any) friends in the class.
  • Will probably require a major schedule change.
  • Will have a better teacher.
Or, I can move to Conceptual Physics.
  • Will require no work at all.
  • Will not require a schedule change.
  • Will require large amounts of explaining to the guidance counselor and teacher.
  • Will have friends in the class.
  • Will be a LOT of fun (or so I'm told).
  • Will have a better teacher.
What do you guys think? I'm willing to keep giving AP a chance, but basically whether I want to stay in or not is determined by the results of this next test. If I could go back, I would certainly do conceptual or normal honors, but having made the bad choice of AP, I have to either live with that or do something about it. Bleh.


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