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Now Only One Question Remains.
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Benjamin informed me of the possible malcomparison of IIS to Apache. For those offended, I partially defend my comparison. It's not entirely unfair. I don't know squat about IIS, just what I saw as I cruised for the solution to my Apache problem.

And for those questioning the artistic talent behind my render, I want you to note that it is neither a depiction of anyone's obscenities, nor is it just a pentagon with cones. Please, if you will, note the following:
  • Waves. The water. It's wavy.
  • Reflections. They're accurate and wavy!
  • Stars! I originally made them multicolored, but Benjamin noted that it looked odd, so they're white. Just like me.
  • A fluent horizon. There's no awkward transition between the water and the horizon.
  • Textures, on both the water and the castle (yes, it is a castle). The water, if you notice, is actually the background for this very blog. It worked nicely. The castle's texture is a marble algorithm that comes with Blender.
The actual objects weren't super hard to make, although that hole for the door took me a while to figure out.

And yes, I do realize it's still not good, but there's no reason to be mean (COUGHZACHCOUGH).


Another topic I have not yet covered is the Gumball 3000. I've told a few of you about this event, but not most of you. Most of you probably don't care, but, it's this super awesome annual rally in Europe. The group that runs the Gumball 3000 works out deals with the local law and government to allow the cars enrolled in the rally to forgoe any traffic laws of the given country. The only country to deny this thus far is Hungary (the beauty of that one is that it was the first result from "dancing hungarians"), throughout 7 years of this rally. So, people fly in from all over with their street-illegal cars, and race 3000 miles across Europe. It's so much cooler than the crap you might see in movies such as "2 Fast 2 Furious".

Speaking of competitions, there's these Olympics. As you should all know, I dearly love the Olympics. Dearly. I enjoy the winter competition a lot as there's lots of skiing, which I'm actually good at, and can appreciate the skillz that I don't have.

With that, I leave you to celebrate.

And that is, what 'chu gonna do with all that junk? All that junk up in yo' trunk?
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