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Woof woof, wort wort! Tim is SO back.

I keep trying to get back into the rhythm of blogging, I REALLY DO, but it's hard!. Apologies, to the greatest. Recap...again...Christopher and Jonathan are gone, and I probably won't see either for another year at least. The house is reall empty, but it does have it's plus side: this weekend I officially move downstairs. Technically I've been down here, but all this time I've had my personal belongings upstairs, like books, clothes, and stuff. Hopefully once my dad brings back the TV from his office which is rightfully mine by heirdome, I'll be all set. I've recovered from the hell of last week, which I remember very little of. I managed to scrape a B+ out of Biology, which was somewhat discouraging, but also disapointing. I have the A++ reputation in that class, no good to have that scarring my record. No idea what I have in Global, but I'm bracing myself for the worst. I missed an entire half of the final project; thats gonna kill like no other test could.

In any case, things have been good, but it was really sad seeing Jonathan go. He's so cool, and he had so much advice on anything, and everything.. Christopher is cool too, but he's almost tool old to relate to. I'm still his little kid brother. I mean, for goodness sake, even most of my school friends treat me with better respect. But he's still my brother. Jonathan is sorely missed. But he is moving on to a better stage in life. I'll adjust in a week.

Finally got my laptop running LAN Starcraft. Took long enough....many thanks to Benjamin and Jesse!

I've also returned to Scouting. I had kinda ditched it because it was too kid-ish for the likes of me, but it's a chance to hang out with friends and just do stuff, so why not?

I recently ripped all my good music (LotR, JoC, Bond) onto my computer. It's nice to have all my good music sorted and readily available.

More in the Random section: I finally did it! I am unable to fit all my game CDs into one CD book of 60! I AM A TRUE GAMER!!! Technically I was already, but now I've like, passed the threshold. Woot. So much wasted money...hehehehe. Considering buying value, and counting gifts and burned CD's, it comes out to about 1100 dollars in games. I've only bought 350 dollars of it myself, the rest came mostly as gifts. Lol...
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