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Begin another boring school day. At the moment I'm fairly tired, so forgive me for anything I might do in the next hour.

I had Benjamin, Jesse, Sam, and Nolan over to spend the night on Friday night, after the youth group thing. That was a LOT of fun. We spent most of our time playing games, usually Raven Shield. I finally found the CD Code for it, so I can finally play online. My mind is really blank at the moment, but we played Warcraft 3, and something else, I think. Can't really remember.

Sunday was as usual, church, but nobody came over, most of us were either too tired or had just seen eachother all Saturday....more likely the latter.

The latest thing I've been looking at is airsoft guns. For those of you who don't know - Airsoft guns are similar to a BB gun, or a paintball gun, in that they shoot low-velocity rounds. They actually shoot .2 cm (or sometimes .12 cm) plastic rounds, at, usually 200 FPS (feet per second). They can cost anywhere for 20 dollars to 2250 dollars, so it really varies what they are. The main thing about Airsoft is that it's realistic. All the guns you can buy are usually real guns, like a Baretta 9mm, a Desert Eagle .50, or a Kalishnakov. Basically, if you can find it in real life, you can find it in Airsoft. I won't go into too much detail right now, but I've been looking into saving up for one of them. They could be our next laser tag. Daniel isn't sure if he can get one though, but Jesse is! Benjamin said he's working on it too, but no definites.

I'm off to go read up on the comics.
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