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Holy crap. It's Tuesday. My break. My prescious break. Where have you gone?

Tim's been having a very strange day. I'm trying to get my problems sorted before tomorrow, an ortho appointment awaits me. I really don't think I'm gonna allow myself to talk about what's on my mind, but there's just been a lot of stuff going on with Gwen and I. It's been really frustrating, the whole situation, and it's never gonna be resolved. That's the desperation I feel right now. I can't see a single way this would ever work out happily. Yeah, it's kind of strange saying that when only a few of you actually understand what the issue is, but you'll live, I'm certain.

In the midst of my distress...absolutely nothing has happened. Well, sort of. The LAN party was awesome, we played Sven Co-op and Halo and it was great fun all around. Went to Jesse's house on Sunday. We attempted to play Airsoft, but high winds and 20 degree weather wouldn't permit. So we just shot Jesse 5 or 6 times. That was fun. Then there was Scouts on Monday. All good.

Today consisted of nothing, woke up, got on the computer, etc.. I've spent the last half of my day contemplating this whole thing...*sigh*. God has a plan, I guess.

The accessories I ordered from Airsoft Atlanta arrive tomorrow. The Desert Eagle and mag arrive Friday. Assuming the gun actually arrives on time, then I'll have an airsoft party Friday or Saturday. I'll probably invite Jesse, Benjamin and Nolan over for the night Thursday as my bday 'party'. Haven't actually asked yet, but that's in order.

Bedtime has come. Hopefully ortho won't be too bad.

EDIT: I keep forgetting to note: the play last Wednesday was AWESOME. The acting and singing was amazing, though the stage crew...*cough, cough* sucked.
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