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An okay day, my classes aren't as awesome as they were yesterday, for a number of reasons. My chemistry class now sucks. I just have no friends in there, at all. It's weird thinking about the fact that I had no friends in most of my classes at the beginning of last year. But this really annoying kid, whom I'm sure a lot of you know, Greg Galyanov moved into almost all of my classes. The only classes I don't have with him are Global and Programming. A minor thing, but he's pretty obnoxious.

I'm planning on getting a decent amount of sleep tonight. I haven't had enough lately, and it's caused me to slip in Chemistry. Which doesn't help my opinion of chemistry.

To add on to that, I've been losing weight, which, at this point, just isn't healthy. At the moment I weigh 123 pounds, so at my current rate I've been going down a pound a day. :-/ I don't feel sick or anything, I just haven't had time to eat and such. Plus, we don't have much food that I'm interested in eating. But I'm not that worried about it, I just don't wanna be a super stick. Anyways.
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