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So, I officially declare parties where you go around and ask eachother stupid questions (all about how much sex you've had) as stupid. The trick-or-treating was fun, the party sucked. It wasn't Colette's fault at all, it was just the stupid questions and retarded answers. Having learned some stuff that really didn't make me happy, I stabbed my wall 5 times, and punched it for good measure. Huzzah.


5 Butterfingers
3 Twixes
8 Crunches
13 Kit Kats
10 Tootsie Rolls
15 Reeses Pieces
15 Suckers
10 M&M thingies
4 Milky Ways
2 Skittles
2 Sweet Tarts
10 Various Smartie/Smartie Powder thingies
1 Nerds
50 random thingies

Mostly pretty good. I gave away about 15 snickers and 5 bars of white chocolate.
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