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Mmmm, I woke up at 11:30, and it felt good. I've been planning out the next two weeks a little bit, as there's only 9 days left until Halo 2 comes out (so far it's gotten 3 perfect 10's), and at this point there are two LAN parties on the horizon, both of which Daniel informed me of. Apparantly the administration is allowing a LAN on the 9th in the cafeteria, for three hours. How awesome is that? Yeah, well, you be quiet, because it is awesome. The other is a standard Halo 2 party over Thanksgiving, but as things are setting up, we're gonna have more than 16 people, but maybe we'll have an extra box set up so two people can play co-op? Anyways, that's got me pumped up. I actually had a dream last night that I got my hands on the full, English, NTSC version, and I had invited a couple friends over to play, and I was screaming insanities from being so excited. *cough*

Another slight thing that has me worried is that my XBox has been getting more and more disc errors - Daniel found a few forum threads saying it was cause by the type of drive in my XBox. Apparantly the lens slowly slides out of place. I'd work on replacing it right now, but with Halo 2 coming out in a few days, I really don't wanna be left without an XBox on that day. :-(

I hadn't made a gaming post for a while, I figured I was obligated.
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