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Halo 2 owns, I'll bother with a real update later. I have a final gay marriage conversation, with Paul. It's the 5th one (4th one is one Zach's blog). When I was debating this whole thing with Kevin, I knew all my reasons, but it seems I've just forgotten them. I had a legitimate argument, I just burned myself out on this particular topic. Oh well. Because this one is short, it's getting posted directly.

[20:52:53] Salandarin: paul...
[20:52:54] Salandarin: "Maybe it's because he doesn't have an argument besides "God hates fags"."

[refer to comments on zach's blog]

[20:52:56] Salandarin: come on man
[20:53:11] Lemonadeyeti: what's your argument?
[20:53:21] Salandarin: it's certainly not that.
[20:53:24] Lemonadeyeti: what is it?
[20:53:59] Salandarin: why does it matter? you're just gonna transform what i say into opinionated Christian-isms
[20:54:20] Lemonadeyeti: do you want to tell me what it is? because if you don't, then I'll think you don't have one.
[20:54:25] Salandarin: i never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever said God hated anyone.
[20:54:44] Salandarin: you know I have one. i have four arguments on it.
[20:55:05] Lemonadeyeti: tell it to me...
[20:55:59] Salandarin: no. you know why I don't want to? because it's not gonna make a difference. it's gonna set you deeper in your belief that I'm in blind believer in something that doesn't exist, and that I'm trying to legislate morality and my beliefs.
[20:57:43] Lemonadeyeti: ok, you took offense to my comments. they were insensitive and inappropriate, and for that I apologize. I know you are very religious and faithful, something I could never be, and I respect that.
[20:58:05] Lemonadeyeti: but I don't see your argument outside of religious/moral standpoint and if it does exist I would like to know it.
[20:58:16] Salandarin: thank you
[20:59:19] Salandarin: my personal goal would be to remove marriage benefits, and just seperate marriage from the government. that way marriage is back at the origin/foundation of religion.
[20:59:44] Salandarin: the government can supply civil unions for those who want marriage outside the church.
[21:00:09] Lemonadeyeti: marriage is an ambiguous word because it is sanctioned by the government
[21:00:19] Salandarin: doesn't matter.
[21:00:32] Salandarin: if it weren't sanctioned, we'd be better off
[21:00:44] Lemonadeyeti: as it stands now, marriage based on sexual preference is discrimination, because it is not limited to only christians/ those of specific other faiths
[21:00:58] Lemonadeyeti: if it were to be run by the church, then it wouldn't be
[21:01:10] Salandarin: what's your point?
[21:01:52] Lemonadeyeti: my point? as long as marriage is a governmental institution it shouldn't be limited by the specific beliefs on a single faith
[21:02:26] Salandarin: and you're right. morality from any one point of view cannot be enforced.
[21:02:31] Salandarin: and should not.
[21:03:32] Salandarin: i've given up on arguing over gay marriage. personally, i don't want it to happen, but, there's nothing I can do.
[21:05:44] Salandarin: are we clear?
[21:05:56] Lemonadeyeti: transparent.

I am still opposed to homosexuality in itself, for reasons beyond my faith. If you want them, ask me.

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