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His Car, His Girlfriend, and His Job (...)
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Jonothan's on a roll. First his car is TOWED (he found out that it was in fact not stolen, but towed at the consent of an intendant, even though he had permission to leave the car there, but he's now fighting some beaurocrats over it). Then his girlfriend (fiance, but the title fitted better with girlfriend) walks out on him. Now he's getting an all-expenses payed trip to Iraq.

I'm not worried, although it did help for me to have previous knowledge of this. Eavesdropping on Christopher's conversations (not really eavesdropping, but I had my headphones on while he was in the room...) has saved me some shock value. When I say previous knowledge, I knew it was gonna happen a year and a half ago, when he was checking out the prospects on National Guard units. My parents, of course, were not informed.

Like I said, I'm not worried. I know his chances are quite good (he has like a .00001% chance of even being injured) due to the marvelous army medical technology and the now somewhat safer Iraq he'll be heading to. I'd be a lot more comfortable with this if I knew he was going there to make a difference. Christopher's accounts left me with little faith in our Army's officers and tacticians. I don't disagree with the war, for the most part. I'm not stupid enough to try and think we'd get oil out of this, but other facts on the case don't match up.

Since I'm already into this post, I might as well account for my day. School was not worth detailing, but I stayed after school with a few others, but I got bored after Amy left, so I found myself being rather unenthused to do much of anything. I went to Gwen's house until I got picked up, which was an hour or two ago. A rather unenthusiastic day.


Looks like Jonothan's gonna be on Convoy Patrol. He'll be accompanying convoys going in and aorund Iraq. He's also gonna try and get him and his stuff up here, meaning I'll see him before we leave for Colorado - possibly as early as Monday.
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