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There's a fight breaking out!
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I love my complete inconsistency with capitalization in the titles. I can never decide when to capitalize and when not to. Woe.

I devote my time tonight to the abomination that has become Two Chains and a Beagle. Ladies and gentlemen, if ever there were a detriment to the cause, this would be it. Containing blatant obscenities where certain females flock to boost their meaningless rank, TC&B has sunk to a low that only Sony could match. Accepting over a hundred mostly useless and meaningless remarks from the mass, and yet taking no action? This is unacceptable!

Readers, I urge you to petition for a removal of the root of the problem. How you go about doing this I care not, but as tempting as it may be to rally my readers to buff my ego in the form of comments, I shall not sink to that low. I already unabashedly advertise myself and mock those inferior to me, I need not sink to a level that the free market demands. This may be capitalism at work, but I am no socialist!

Truly, any believer in a fair internet economy will support this campaign. If you don't, then you may be a shameless groupie for a malevolent conglomoration. I challenge you, the reader, to fight tyranny in its most apparant form. Unite!


Oh, and sorry I couldn't fit you in there Zach. I considered putting you under "socialist" or "malevolent conglomeration", but those weren't insulting enough. I have to deprecate equally, you know.

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