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The Core of the Hard
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The Olympics this year have not been of Olympic quality. The figure skating is outright boring. Whatever controversy spawned this new scoring system has created a demon child that's definitely not worth watching on TV. I had high hopes that NBC would do a good job of not flooding the television with biographies and whatnot, but nay, they've done just that. Don't get me wrong - I like a few now and then, of interesting people that have interesting lives. But I honestly do not care about the life of every single American athlete. I really don't. I absolutely HATE how EVERY reporter asks an athlete for their favorite olympic moment, or what it feels like to win. All of this reminds me of college mail.

This college mail is insane. Tons of it, all over the place. I've gotten at least thirty letters, and the last time I checked my inbox I had sixty-two unread emails (fifty were colleges). It angers me. What's that, Baldwin-Wallace? You have lots of stories to share with me? Well, I have lots of I-Don't-Care to share with you! No, really. All of these emails and letters are EXACTLY the same. These can't seriously actually be effective tools. Maybe it's a lot less exciting since I'm going to TC3, but, honestly, this stuff is exactly like the Junk Mail program I wrote not a month ago.

So, I hate defending my choice to go to TC3, but I had to do it again.

I had a little argument with Matt and John over TC3 versus Cornell. I stand by my choice not because it's my only choice in the first place, but because I think it's the right one anwyays. Both of them projected the idea that Cornell somehow gives a better education. Define "better", please. Brilliant professors that are only at Cornell for research purposes, and not to teach? Honestly, when I look at some guys, I see people who are working themselves to death. Yes, they're smart. But are they taking three APs (pretty much the max for junior year, unless you're Ryan) because they're that interested in US history, chem/physics, and computer science? Chances are, they want the college credit.

EDIT: as i read the above paragraph over, i kind of noticed i forgot that whole "two years" bit. i meant to imply that the education at TC3 for the first two years is almost as good as Cornell's. hah. whoops.

I have nothing against making life easier, but seriously. Some people take college WAY too seriously. Maybe I don't take it seriously enough. And if I don't, that's my loss.

New design should be done before break is over.
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