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Stage One: Complete
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The attic has completed its first stage of awesome. I've attempted to capture the results.

The main area of attraction:

I'm planning on putting a quilt over the window to keep bugs out and provide ever greater privacy. It's the same thing that's on the opposite window, seen momentarily. Note the fridge in the bottom left (barely visible).

The stuff:

The fridge is off the screen to the left. On the left is the subwoofer, then I've got about ~800 CDs of music in those booklets. To the right I've got all my N64 and SNES games. The baskets contain the various game systems and peripherals. To the right of the TV you can see my MP3 player and the jack - I've set it up so you can put whatever audio device with a headphone output up to the system, although it only outputs to 3.1 speakers. I also brought up my brother's collection of DVDs (after taking the picture), so there's a decent selection of movies up there as well. This is where bigger TVs are needed.

Oh, and that big black thing is a VCR. You wouldn't believe how many people asked what that was.

The other side:

That's where I need more rugs/carpeting.

The stairwell:

I switched out the single rung of colored lights with white lights, as well as the hanging lights. This works a lot better - those lights are good for (a) finding the lightswitch when the lights are off and (b) finding/navigating the stairs when the lights are off, so it's better to go with the more simplistic colored ones. But, fear not, the colored lights are not out of the picture.

The whole room:

The roof:

I would have preferred the disco ball over the blacklight, but the disco ball decided that it no longer wants to provide its disco-tastic light anymore, which may or may not be fixable. All of these lights and the fridge came from Ben, and a few new posters came from Zach (most notably the Ocarina of Time poster, visible in the first picture). So, basically all we need now is more posters, more TVs, more rugs, and then it's truly where I want it to be. I'm gonna see if I can get my old computer up there (Christopher has it right now, I don't think he's using it), and then hopefully I'll be able to connect to our wireless network, or drag this 50ft ethernet cable from the house to the attic to get connectivity. That would be beyond hot.

My hopes are high.
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