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Super Duper Attic Time
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So, the attic is fixed again, after my brothers and father ripped it apart (I still haven't received any kind of apology). The stereo system works (with surround, although the source must be designated for 5.1 to work fully), and I got it hooked up to any gaming system I have up there (currently I have my Xbox, PS1, N64, and SNES up there).

Basically, we need stuff. We (Benjamin, Emma, Daniel and Kylie, and later Paul and Ben) pulled a ton of empty boxes out and made lots of space throughout the garage, and now we need to fill that space. Let me list what we have now (bulleted list!!1).
  • One TV (25")
  • One Xbox, One PS1, One N64, One SNES, One VCR
  • One stereo system (4.1)
  • One good couch, one bad couch, one recliner
  • One coffee table
  • One Ping Pong Table, One Foosball table
  • Various assortment of various signs + posters
  • One small disco ball
  • One blacklight
  • One very old vacuum cleaner
  • One very old microwave
What we NEED is a pretty hefty list.
  • TVs, preferably large (>= 27")
  • Fridges (small fridges only)
  • Games + game systems (not necessarily current - Sega varieties, original Nintendo, Atari are all fine)
  • Furniture (Bookshelves are of high value, but tables are also quite wonderful, as well as couches and chairs - MUST be fluffy/comfy)
  • Posters (movie posters, anything interesting/amusing that's clean - e.g. not pron)
  • Colorful/flashy things (Christmas lights are great, but lava lamps, anything that doesn't make noise and isn't annoying)
Those are the basics we need to make it go from really makeshift to an actual worthwhile place to spend many hours of time. As is, it's nice, but it's not comfortable enough to spend hours upon hours in. Part of this is mere cleanliness - I still need to add some bugproofing measures, and clean it up some more, but that's not a lot. The walls are mostly barren and the corners are filled with boxes and fiberglass.

If we ever get all of the aforementioned stuff, there's still more to do to improve things. I highly doubt any of the following will happen, but it's nice to think about them.
  • Floor-to-floor carpeting. I don't know how we'd do this, but the wood in there is not nice. We've got rugs, but rugs are only good to an extent.
  • Pool table. Pool is infinitely superior to Foosball and Pingpong.
  • Paint the walls. Drywall is the ugly.
  • Cable TV and/or Internet connectivity. Need I say more?
If you think of more stuff that is WITHIN REASON, please do let me know. A lot of this is gonna have to come from garage sales, most certainly always second-hand. If you buy something for this, I'm not gonna reimburse you. If you bring me something, remember that this is intended for use by multiple people, and accidents happen. Nothing's gonna get stolen (the last robbery in my neighborhood was like 20 years ago), and as I improve the attic, it's gonna get more well established (and therefore safer). DON'T just show up at my house with large crap. Tell me first. Organization ftw.

Anyways, if none of you feel like doing anything, that's fine. I'm just throwing this out there. We'll see what happens.
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