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Sometimes I wish I weren't a human....then I'd at least have something to differentiate me from everyone else. That might at least explain why I'm now slightly emaciated and my hands are forever blue. Oh well, I dream on...

These past few days have held few suprises. I won't detail the Sam situation, because I doubt it concerns many of you. Suffice to say it is resolved for the time being. I've finally gotten to a semi-regular posting point, so I hope I've appeased all of you.

Colorado arrives in exactly one week now, and it's gonna suck. Plans to have Daniel come along fell through, so now it's just me, in Colorado with my parents with epople I don't know and possibly won't like, with only two things to do: skiing or nothing. Colorado is great, but not when there's nobody there. Skiing's great, but not when nobody's there. I won't even have full access to a computer there. It definately will suck....only way out is to pay 180 dollars which right now is reserved for the airsoft guns I will hopefully order today or tomorrow, optimally arriving the day I get back.

Pictures for those curious ones.

Awesome Halo theme released at HBO today. Check it out. It's now my startup theme.

Cool stuff.
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