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It's Friday. Spring Break is technically gone. Oh well.

The new gun arrived, and it's pretty darn cool. Weighs as much as my MP5 (with magazine and BB's in it), and quite possibly is more powerful. Obviously wont be as accurate, but it definately owns the lame USP. I'm pretty pleased, to say that much.

I had Daniel, Jesse, Benjamin and Nolan over last night, that was lots of fun. We played Halo, mostly, watched RvB, all good fun. Jesse didn't actually spend the night, but was around the majority of the time. Just vacuumed and aired out my room, so it's all back to normal now!

I hope the background pleases y'all. Took me about a dozen sepereate image searches to find it. It's big enough, but tell me if it goes off your screen or something.

I've been developing a sore throat, which has now stepped up to coughing and sneezing. I haven't gotten sick this year *ahem* yet, and I suppose the timing is good - right when school is starting back up.

This is more of an update than a post, but whatever, beggars can't be choosers. :-P
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