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A fair amount of sutff has happened in the recent days. I have a lot of rants to make. Hehe.

First: the principal. Everyone knows he sucks, and I'll explain why.

He's enforcing the dress code. Probably a good thing, right? Well, not the way he's doing it. First week of school, no warning, very sudden. I've also heard that they don't actually make clothes that suit the dress code (they have three tests - if you stand up straight with arms slackened at the side, and you can feel skin on your fingers, you need a longer skirt/shorts/whatever. if you put your hand on your shoulder and you feel skin, you're violating the dress code. you also can't have any of your belly or back showing.), but the thing is, its not gonna help anything. His reasons were "to create a distraction-free and safe environment" - and unless every guy in the school is an obsessed pervert, that's not true. I don't sit in math class and miss the formula for slope (or whatever) because the girl across from me has her shoulders showing. Please.

He's forcing much tighter rules on passes throughout school. Which, I can explain very vlearly why it won't help. Before him, during your lunch period you could go a few places without getting a pass or permission, like the main office, attendance office, most of the classrooms in E building, and the library. The way he has it now, you cannot leave the cafeteria/quad for any reason without a pass. When you can't walk 20 ft from the quad to the guidance office to change you schedule becuase you don't have a pass, that's just beurocracy. You can't go to the library without a pass. Nothing, nada.

He doesn't allow any electronic stuff to be used on school. Sounds fine, right? The problem is when it comes to stuff like study halls and lunch. Study halls can be deathly boring if you can't go anywhere. So basically, you have to sit and do nothing. Funny thing is, he thinks the same rule can be applied to teachers. My German teacher was telling me what he did to a teacher who was in a study hall (that is, she was the one taking care of it), and she was on her laptop, doing work, which, I might mention, all teachers do. The principal comes up to her and says she has to get ogg her laptop so she can make sure her study hall is safe and in check.

Bull. Beaurocracy.

He's overworking teachers - he's taken out some of the rules set to keep teachers from being overworked. My German teacher is a prime example of one those who has been shafted by this whole thing. She teaches 5 classes of German, which should exempt her from having to take a study hall, but under his new rules, she gets to do that, plus, her room is taken by a spanish teacher 1 period every day, and she's handling the German exchange.

He won't allow food outside of the cafeteria. Not even in the quad. It's understandable to ban it from being in the halls, but that's easy to do! There are hall moniters everywhere, they can just tell the student to go eat in the cafeteria. The problem is the classrooms. For those of us who do not have a lunch, we have to wait forever to get a pass so we can eat at all in the classroom. His reasons were retarded - he wanted classrooms to be safe and clean. Teachers can handle that, they always have. More beaurocracy.

He's switching homerooms to first period, which takes away my chance to see a lot of people before school, and it adds 10 minutes to my time with my German teacher. Icky.

So that's my rant about the principal.
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