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A Darker Side of the Moon (-.-)
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Jonothan got here last night, hearing him detail all that's happened wasn't exactly uplifting. The thing I didn't realize is that there's a reason he's going to Iraq. He moved to North Carolina to be with Rachel. He wouldn't be going otherwise. He ended up with nothing, and then some. We laughed at some of the really stupid stuff about playing games online (I'll explain later, Daniel), though, which was kind of nice. One of the recurring themes that came up while talking to him which kind of dragged my mood down was how all of high school is just a trifle, relationships end up becoming nothing. This wasn't new information, but being told that the vast majority of those I know, unless they're really true friends, are just going to fade away once high school is over. Hopefully this really...depressed and nasty feeling will go away, I hate it, I want it gone. It sort of feels like an intruder, it broke in during the night and won't leave. I guess the seed was planted while talking to a friend of mine (who's now 24 or 25) a few weeks ago. I think I may spend too much time talking to those who've been through high school.

Friday was spent at Amy's house (that was just a little weird, 5 girls, one guy) for a few hours after waiting for Gwen to finish her Spanish test. I got to meet her teacher, Mrs. Craig, whom I must admit was a very cool teacher. I was talking to her about my German class - or lack thereof. I didn't mention the name, but she seemed to have noticed the same things as I have, which was rather uplifting.

I've ranted about her before, you don't need to hear me again. Meanwhile, I've caught the beginnings of the flu. Jonothan and Brian were up playing Burnout till 4:00 (meaning, in my room) so I didn't get to sleep nearly as soon as I would have liked.

One last thing, which is Daisy. She just galloped down the basement stairs, which she's not supposed to do (bad for her bones). As I tried to shoo her back upstairs, she fell back down (this dog's getting old, she's 13 now). Upon further inspection of the dog, I noticed one of her paws was worn down and sore, she has two lumps of irritated skin on her legs. I keep telling mom and dad to take her to the vet, but they just say "We're working on it.", and that's that. I realized why Daisy was so excited to see Jonothan (she's been following him everywhere). Jonothan's always been the one to treat Daisy the best - he takes her on walks and pets her a lot, generally just a little more attentive. I try and do that, but it's really time consuming. It's not that Daisy's mistreated, but that she doesn't get the attention she deserves. Normally the amount of attention we give her is fine, she's happy, we're happy, it's all good. I guess as she gets older it's not enough.
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