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To start us off, let's have some humor. Speaking of a crowd of post-grad students visiting the tenant upstairs:

lemonadeyeti: go upstairs and throw bibles at them
salandarin: we've got at least ten in the house, i figure i can kill at least one, perhaps mame another
lemonadeyeti: maybe extra big bibles
salandarin: those are reserved for special times
salandarin: like for if jack thompson ever came over
lemonadeyeti: no, bad idea
lemonadeyeti: he absorbs bibles through his skin
lemonadeyeti: that's how he gets nutrition
salandarin: hmm, along with a diet of american patriotism, it is a volatile combination
lemonadeyeti: and jesus
salandarin: perhaps a sony executive?
lemonadeyeti: same thing
salandarin: no, they just beat up children in the alley
salandarin: saying something like "the power of capitalism compels you!"
lemonadeyeti: like jesus
salandarin: i will not dignify this analogy with affirmation or rejection
lemonadeyeti: i have pictures
salandarin: sony executives do not speak in slang
salandarin: they speak in lawyer
lemonadeyeti: like jesus
lemonadeyeti: i asked 8 ball
lemonadeyeti: "Is Jesus a Sony executive?"
lemonadeyeti: "Without a doubt."
lemonadeyeti: i am the winner

If you didn't understand that, I suggest reading up on the Wikipedia and Uncyclopedia articles for Sony and Jack Thompson. Journalism at its best.

I think we can move on from what I dub the "Comment Wars". I feel it was becoming so cliche, that it was hitting infinity, which is also a negative number, meaning it was both cliche and not cliche at the same time. This paradox is unacceptable, and not cliche.

And yes, I wrote the vast majority of that article on Jack Thompson. There was an article there before, but I just assimilated a large portion of it and rewrote every section, most from the ground up. It was fun - I think I'll write articles like that more often. I felt it was funny, not hilarious, but amusing by some standard. I'm sure Gwen won't agree, but Gwen was born in Outer Mongolia, I really doubt she's prepared to discuss this topic thoroughly.

As Paul would say "continue padding", and/or the lack thereof (note clever use of title - that's cliche).

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