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For Honour
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I've got a fever, of 103.0, and the only prescription is more cowbell!

Including but not limited to Tylenol and Benadryl.

With what first seemed to be an allergic reaction to the pollen count of today and yesterday, the inexplicable feeling of being sunburned all over, and yet being very cold, this massive fever, and
having sore joints, it is quite possible that I am not allergic. We shall find out in a matter of days.

This comes at a bad time, too.

On second thought, I don't think I can keep writing. I'm kind of getting really fuzzy every few seconds. Sorry.


So, it's not allergies. It's most likely some virus, but the symptoms keep changing. I've started throwing up the Robitussin, so I have to spray this stuff to numb the back of my throat so I can eat frozen stuff. The fever's gone, along with the headaches and dizziness, but the codeine the doctor gave me isn't working, and I can't eat or drink without the numbing stuff because it hurts too much to swallow. I haven't really gotten any sleep for the past two nights, first because of the fever, and now because of the dehydration and coughing. I keep waking up with really bad chills. I also can't talk (literally).

This is not fun.

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