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Alright, I've got to rant about two most women I know. Sarah and Mary. Yes, it's a new post title! This signifies an extreme feeling, happy, depressed, rant-mode, you can find from the post.

I'll start with Mary. She's my German teacher, who supposedly knows German fluently. I can't stand her. She singles out random people and picks on them for stupid stuff, like wearing hats and chewing gum. Get back to the 5th grade, woman. I haven't learned an ounce of German, and I'm not becoming a better writer, supposed from her tactics. She hands me a German workbook I can't read to help me learn German when I tell her this. The books she hands out are hnot level 2 books - none of us can read them without a dictionary on-hand. She dances and makes up rhymes which we can't make up. She's always sinigng and dancing and quoting plays none of us have seen - and they aren't German plays. She's always talking about what she did in her other classes - especially the AP class. She never manages to stay on topic. Her games designed to help us learn are embarrasing when we don't understand and don't make sense. The homework she gives - which is rare that she give shomework - is impossible or unrelated to German. She doesn't know some of our names - halfway through the year. And that's Mary for you.

Now's Sarah. She lives in my house, she goes to our church, and is renting from my parents. My parents are always saying "She's a part of our family." and "She's like our daughter.". I don't really mind this, but two brothers is fine for me. I liked having an empty house, but now it's gone. I know she means well, but whenever I come home, she pesters me with questions, and I'm NEVER in the mood to talk when I get home from school. There's a reason I don't log on AIM till 5:00 anymore. She's kind of like the example my parents are always pointing to - "Be like Sarah, she worked day and night for her pHd!". She makes mom and dad happy, so I suppose that's ok, but it's still kind of aggravating.

As you can tell, a lot of these rantings are selfish and stupid, but it's what I think about them.
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