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Trucker Hats and Zelda (O.o)
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This week in general is not a good one. Productive, but not good in the least. The crappy grades which I've spent so much time fixing, Jonothan leaving, none if it's cool. I had a glass of champagne with Jonothan and Brian Wednesday night. I'm not a fan of most alcoholic drinks, but it wasn't too bad, nothing I would drink of my own accord, though. Jonothan left Thursday morning.

Friday was really nice and relaxing, exactly what I had hoped for. Saturday was too, but I had Kerry, Paul, Ben, and Jennie over around 7:30 to watch a movie (we couldn't decide what movie, but Paul just shoved Zoolander in while nobody was watching, which sort of decided it for us). For whatever reason, Kerry was wearing this really large trucker hat, which she left here. Ben and Paul ended up spending the night, and left in the morning, and I walked down to church. For some reason, my mom's been in Wisconsin. I can't fathom what's worth seeing in Wisconsin, but maybe some things are better left unanswered.

[geek]Beyond that, I've just been playing a lot of ZSNES games. I'm a good way through Yoshi's Island, Mario RPG, Lufia II, Mario 3, Donkey Kong 1 and 2, and I already beat Zelda. I enjoy playing classic games a lot, it's nice just to be able to sit down and enjoy a game without waiting for other players or dealing with complications and crashes and such. Playing the older games has resurrected my respect for Nintendo, which I lost upon release of the Gamecube. The Revolution may or may not be good, I can't know, but one can hope. Speaking of which, I was enjoying the spoils of the GDC (Game Developer's Conference). There was an Empire Earth II demo (sucked) a Chaos Theory Demo (looking good!), reports on a whole bunch of new games - Spartan: Total Warrior (from the makers of the Total War series, and I'm presuming using the Total War engine), Lego Star Wars (looked kinda funny, maybe one of those rental games), some stuff on Xbox 2 features (I was not left enthused), the PC version of Fable (didn't look fantastic, but it said it had more quests, might be worth a download at least). E3 is on the way, though, which is supposed to have playable prototypes of all 3 consoles. I'm not really into console-hyping, but it's good to know which system to go for first.[/geek]

At the moment, the house is empty and I'm blasting the Rome soundtrack at as high volume as my ears will allow.
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