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This is the personal blog of Tim. Here, Tim writes on anything he has enough inspiration to finish a post on. That usually ends up being matters of science, pop culture, technology, religion, and philosophy.

This blog is around nine years old, which is over a third of Tim's current age. Back in 2003, it was called "Of Tim: Tim's life - or lack thereof", and it was as bad as you might expect the blog of a freshman in high school to be. Tim hopes that his writing is a little better, these days.

Tim welcomes any input that you, the dear reader, might have. Comments are very much appreciated, especially if you have a dissenting opinion. If you'd like to learn more about Tim, you might want to see his facebook or google+.

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I Overslept, Again
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Had a great conversation with my guidance counselor today. He gets a little too philosophical sometimes, but he put my inclination to drop Precalc in a very nice light. As I'd told him, it's not a problem with the teacher or the class, it's that it's an inconvenience that I'm not sure I want right now. He, instead, placed as a challenge to improve myself for once.

I've been running and walking constantly. I've got a neat little blister on my foot from the day I ran eight (maybe seven) miles. Monday night, I ran four, stayed up all night playing SK and doing my econ paper, left home at 7:45, made it to school at 8:01 (it's a pain, running with a backpack on. i have to jam my left arm behind the strap to keep the backpack from bouncing too much, even with the straps fully tightened and whatnot), and then layed on the bench in the Quad and watched myself steam for twenty minutes. It was, to say the least, a little trippy, watching the leaves sway behind a layer of my own steam, as I continued to listen to this great remix artist I found recently. Then, I ran home (my heart was going to explode about halfway up Gun Hill), and promptly thrust myself into a gigantic controversy in SK.

In any case, I've got to get some work done on a website I'm helping with. I've put it off too long.
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Yogurt Burst Cheerios
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Life is weird.


I've been seriously considering moving out of the house. To do this, of course, I need (in order of importance) a driver's license, and a job. My sources tell me a one-bedroom apartment would set me back 500 a month, in Ithaca. That's just not doing it for me. The solution?

Who needs Ithaca?

Run with my thoughts here. Even with three full periods less than last year, school sucks. I hate it just as much as I did last year. Not even hate, really. I enjoy certain portions, I suppose, but I keep wanting it to be college, and it's not. I hate being hounded by teachers because they don't like the way I do things. Things, as in, not come to school or do homework. In my eyes, homework is a responsibility to yourself, not the teacher. If I don't want to do right by my education, for the love of all that is good and holy, let me! I don't care what you want, I learn on my own terms.

In the end, I just want to be able to do what I want and not constantly take crap for it. Moving out seems like a really big step towards that.

Living on my own sets some precedent for college. I've resigned myself (a poor phrasing, in some respects) to going to TC3, which will make for an interesting financial situation, depending on what job I would get. Not sure what I would do, really, but surely there's a half-way decent job from 2:30 - whatever at night.

I don't care.

I need out of this house.

Edit: You have played 597 hour(s) so far.
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Revamped schedule:

1. Precalc AB - McMahon
2. a) PE / free b) free
3. AP Geography - Powers
4. a) Government - Augustine b) Eng 12 Semester - Pickins
5. a) Health - Parker b) Eng 12 Semester - Pickins
6. a) Economics - Strippel b) PE / free

Oh, look at that. No 7th and 8th period! The wonder of it all.

Course analysis!

1. Precalc AB - McMahon

Good teacher, possibly interesting course material, but McMahon doesn't like me. He's got that instinct for slackers, and he's caught my scent (doing 1/4 homework assignments is a big tip), and he's being a pain about it. He's the kind of teacher that stops class to note the fact that you are late, and regardless of whose fault it is, will blame you and threaten you in order to remedy the problem. It doesn't help being first period, because as some of you may recall, I had 48 absences and some obscene amount of tardies in my first period class last year.

3. AP Geography - Powers

So far, this has been a little worse than expected. The students in the class suck - they talk more than they did in USH, and it's an AP class, so, what gives? It would probably be more fun if Powers didn't have to spend so much time doing managerial stuff, providing more time for the good class discussion he fostered in USH last year, as well as more of his fun stories. The course material is pretty excessively easy - it's basically common knowledge with formal names tacked on. Ideally it will improve, but I'm not dropping it.

4. Participation in Government - Augustine

Sucks. Teacher sucks, students suck, course material sucks. She's like Brofenbrenner, but slightly less inane. Students are jockular or dumb-tastic, and the course material is designed to cater to that.

5. Health - Parker

Sucks. I honestly could teach this class - that's how lame it is. But you knew that.

6. Economics - Strippel

Really great. The teacher knows exactly how to foster good discussion, and guides it effectively to explain the material. It's the kind of class where you want to do the homework so that you can participate, and she's the kind of teacher that you actually want respect from. Interesting course material, too.

I dropped AP Stats, along with Graphic Tech and Fractals & Chaos. AP Stats wasn't bad, the teacher was good, the class was okay, and the course material was sub-meh, but the biggest motivation to dropping was that it was 8th period. I've been laying the law down - if I'm doubting anything at this point, down it goes. I'm not going through a repeat of last year. That was a nightmare.

Life's generally progressing well. The mode of things has been to go to school, come home, play SK, sleep, maybe do some homework, and that's that. I've been pretty reclusive - I've found myself listening to music as often as possible in school and preferring to walk home alone so that I can continue to listen to music. I've gotten obnoxious with the listening to music while people talk to me, too. I'm not sure what it is, really.

You have played 521 hour(s) so far.
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The marathon of work begins now, at 5:19 AM. Can Tim write 4 essays (1-2 page), read this book of essays, and take notes on it before 8:55 AM Thursday?

Let's find out!

I swear, some day, I will learn not to do this crap.
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