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This is the personal blog of Tim. Here, Tim writes on anything he has enough inspiration to finish a post on. That usually ends up being matters of science, pop culture, technology, religion, and philosophy.

This blog is around nine years old, which is over a third of Tim's current age. Back in 2003, it was called "Of Tim: Tim's life - or lack thereof", and it was as bad as you might expect the blog of a freshman in high school to be. Tim hopes that his writing is a little better, these days.

Tim welcomes any input that you, the dear reader, might have. Comments are very much appreciated, especially if you have a dissenting opinion. If you'd like to learn more about Tim, you might want to see his facebook or google+.

Also: Tim is a very avid consumer of various sorts of music. You may be interested in his playlists!

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Wow, I am just so hyper. *bounce, bounce* Found out that Kat is a 20 minute walk or a 5/10 minute bike away, Paul, Sam, and Weilin are only a 20 minute bike. WOOT! Bad timing for the relatives-seeing-time (cheers to spending time with 3 bouncy, teenage, probably preppy cousins!) but that's really okay. I'll spend Friday at Paul's house and Saturday is Daniel's LAN. THEN, the day after, I'm off to good old Boy Scout Camp. It should be fun, but it will be a really hard week to be away. Weilin is leaving for China, Jared may have a party, I won't be able to check word from Cornell, just lots of stuff. I doubt I'll post till after Boy Scout Camp, so savor this. Not that you would. But try. Make me feel good? Please?

Right-o. I can't wait to get home already, I haven't even left. So I lent Pandora Tomorrow to Zach so he can burn it while I'm gone. Great game. :-) I redownloaded Linkin Park (I'm being terribly illegal today) because Paul reminded me of it earlier. I maintain that they lack skill, but it's still nice to listen to. As I sit here at 2:30, I laugh knowing that I have only a backpack as luggage. I know for sure my parents brought at least one large suitcase for this 2-night trip. *snicker* Oh so hyper. I neeeeed an OUTPUT! I need to vent! Running might help...maybe I could like...ARRRRRRRGH. I have nothing else to say! Woo!
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I had a great time at Sam's party, it was definately something I'll remember for years to come. I got to meet Kat who wasn't really all that bad as she was made out to be. There were a lot of tears, and it was pretty hard to maintain a stoic face. Besides the lack of food (I had a breadstick for dinner) it was really, really nice to be there with my friends outside of school. It really made me remember that I have better things to do than sit at my computer all day. At the moment, I'm really mellow. I finished up my going away present for Sam and decked it out with ribbons and a bow. It looks presentable, at least. The only other true point of interest I have is that I got the best shirt ever from Jared. We've all seen the classic "Ithaca is Gorges" t-shirt...but now, we have presented to the world, the ever truthful "Ithaca is Froehlich". I'll post a picture of it when it's not 1:45 AM and when my parents aren't home (we aren't getting along this week. I have a susupicion that it's not going to get any better for a very long time) to guard the camera.

This next part is a bit of a rant...

As for the rest of my week, I went through a few ... heated debated with my dad about whether I have to go to New York City with him. You see, my parents are going to some conference, which is held on Sunday or Saturday night or something. My dad wants me to come along, but I really have no reason to go. It's a five hour drive both ways, and I don't have anything to entertain me for that long. Besides that, I really have no desire to spend a very long Saturday just with my dad. Now, if there were a few tech museums that were actually well laid out and presented in an interesting and logical manner, that would be a different manner, but all my dad came up with was a subsection of the Museum of Natural History - a planitarium. That's cool, but not cool enough to go for three days. I'll go another time, maybe. In case you hadn't noticed I'm in a "I hate my parents mood." This is partially because of a lecture my dad presented to me about three hours ago concerning those of the female persuasion. Apparantly he made a few observations at the party (he was there, I don't know why, but he never left after taking me there) that a few of my friends (female) were "unhappy and wanting attention". Besides this being a completely baseless obervation, it's pretty insulting to me as he insults my friends. He also took it upon himself to recall his troubles as a youngster with girls and assumed I might need to hear the outdated perspective of a guy who led (and still leads) a very different life to that of my own. Whether it's his duty or not as a parent to bestow his wisdom and experience on me, I would actually prefer to learn on my own, though his little lecture didn't actually come across anyways, his points didn't seem to link together in any logical manner.

I'm done.
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The blog got a little messed up when I added the comments...I dunno why, but I think I managed to patch it up. Anyways, I've been enjoy sleeping's very nifty. I keep getting the feeling I have another thing to go to soon...o I can't stay up late cause I'll have to wake up for's annoying! I felt like doing the question answer things....woo! This took me three hours to make. appreciate it. I stole it from sho, but changed a LOT of stuff.

-Date of birth: 3/31/89
-Height: 5'7 or 5'8 (i dunno, i'm somwhere between 5'5 and 5'9)
-Eye color: N/A (i have multi colored eyes)
-Location Born: Clinton, Mississippi
-Ever failed a grade?: Nope
-BF/GF: Nope.
-Wearing right now: Funky grey sweatpant-thingies...white shirt
-Quote to sum up love?: I'd quote I Corinthians 13, but I'm too lazy to go get my Bible. Hehe.
-Smoke: Nope.
-Drink: I've had wine is nasty.
-Favorite color(s): Red and Blue...maybe black too. Green's good too.
-Favorite animal: Penguins!
-Birthmarks: Only one...on my left pinky, a square dot, though it seems like it's fading...dunno.
-Shoe size: 11
-How are you feeling right now?: Good, upbeat.
-Siblings: Two older brothers.
-Boxers or briefs: Boxers.

-Do you drive?: Hopefully, a motorcycle.
-Is one of your bad qualities?: I'm really boring, and every now and then I get kinda jumpy.
-Is one of your good qualities?: I'd like to think I'm a faithful friend, that people can rely on...I dunno.
-Do you sleep in?: ....bed. I sleep in bed.
-Theme does your room have?: Yellow and blue.
-Do the shoes you last wore look like?: The only shoes I actually wear are grey, white, and black. They're shoes.
-Do you like most about your body?: Definately the color of my eyes....I only know one other person who has multi-colored eyes.
-Do you like least about your body?: .....everything else.
-Phrase do you use most when on the phone?: To be honest, I have no clue.
-Is your heritage?: ....good question.
-Is your lucky number?: 2!
-Does your hair look like right now?: umm..hairy?
-Was the last compliment you received?: ...."I am a blueberry muffin." is probably about as good as it gets.
-Do you want a tattoo of?: A ninja.
-Do you have a tattoo of?: A knight. I just answered this, I think.
-Are your favorite flowers?: Potatoes! :-D
-Does your ex bf/gf look like?: you never shut up about this? sheesh!
-Does your most recent crush/bf/gf look like?: ...are you kidding me? like I'd tell the public about this sort of thing....*mutter*
-Is your favorite drink?: ....probably coke.

***Have you...
-Ever had a crush on any of your teachers?: Uh, no...
-Ever gotten your ass kicked?: More than I can count, though mostly by Jonathan.
-Ever beaten someone up?: Nope.
-Ever been slapped?: Well Sho slapped me pretty hard on the back of the head once...that was for dissing stage screw...other than that, no.
-Ever lied to your best friends?: It's happened, but nothing important, for sure.
-Ever been out of state?: Yes.
-Ever been expelled from school?: Nope.
-Ever been suspended from school?: Nope.
-Ever been dumped?: I have to be in a relationship first.
-Ever gotten high?: Nope.
-Ever been chased by cops?: Nope.
-Ever been skinnydipping?: Nope.
-Ever had an eating disorder?: Sometimes I just completely forget to eat...and I never eat lunch, but beyond that, no.
-Ever run away?: No, but I wouldn't have anywhere to go, and my life is too dependant on a computer to leave for that long.
-Ever been fired from a job?: Never had a job...yet!
-Ever started a rumor?: Nope.

***Do You...
-Have crush on someone?: Sure, why not.
-Shower?: ...Daily.
-Hate school?: Most definately.
-Go by looks or personality?: I hate to admit it, but I do judge a little bit...fairly even though.
-Have a picture of yourself?: Two. I hate them both, I'm not photogenic at all.
-Love anyone right now?: I don't believe in teenage love.
-Hate school?: Most definately.
-Trust people?: Yeah, pretty much.
-Want to get out of your hometown?: Yeah...I love my friends but I hate the atmosphere.
-Look more like your mother or father?: Benjamin and Jesse like to say I look like my dad, but I really, really don't. I'd say I'm pretty seperate.
-Have a job?: Not yet!
-Daydream a lot?: ...Yes.
-Have a lot of exes?: ....we've been through this.
-Run your mouth?: Not really...sometimes I do.
-Get along with your parents?: I guess so.
-Have your own phone/phone line?: I have my own phone, but not phone line.
-Have your own pool?: Nope.
-Like taking pictures?: Taking pictures of stuff...yes. Of me....NO.
-Like getting your picture taken?: Not really...actually I can't stand it.
-Have a tan?: Barely, not really.
-Like Snapple?: I can't remember, it's been years since I've had one.
-Drink a lot of water?: ....I haven't had pure water for about two weeks.
-Like to dance?: I've never danced before.
-Like to travel?: Not really..I like staying in my room. Heehee.

-Would you marry for money?: Ew, no.
-Are you more of a mama or daddy's child?: I have no clue. I've gone over this same question for a LONG time, I have no idea.
-Blondes or brunettes?: Brunettes, I think.
-Are you the romantic type?: I'd like to think so, but I haven't really been given the chance to see.
-If you had to amputate one limb, what would it be?: Left leg, probably.
-Cry a lot?: I don't think I've cried for a good 5 months.
-How many rings until you answer the phone?: Three.
-Would you ever date someone younger than you?: Probably not.
-Would you ever date someone older than you?: Sure.
-Could you ever be a vegetarian?: Nope.
-If you had to completely dye your hair it'd be what color?: Probably red or orange.
-Like getting dirty?: just no. no. and no.
-Is your bellybutton an innie or outie?: Innie.
-Are you flexible?: Yeah, sort of. I can bend over backwards, at least.
-Are you a rude?: ...what is a "rude"? was that a typo?
-How do you vent your anger?: It depends...if it's in a game and I'm losing, I just complain a lot. If I'm angry AT someone, I might yell at them, I might hold it in, it really depends.
-Are you ghetto-fabulous?: ....I'm about as un-ghetto as they come.
-Are you a player?: ...see above.
-Who do you talk to most on the phone?: Daniel. He's actually the only person I talk to on the phone regularly.
-Online a lot?: If by, a lot, you mean, more than 12 hours a day....yes.
-Shy or outgoing?: Pretty shy with those I don't know...outgoing with those I do know though.
-Social life: Mostly consisting of time on IM...but not really.
-Any secrets?: Umm...I dunno.
-Would you ever sky dive?: Sure.
-Are you spoiled: Probably.
-Are you a brat?: I hope not.
-What toothpaste do you use?: Crest or Colgate.
-Cell phone or pager: Nope, though my parents suggested they might get me one if I get this biology lab job.
-Curfew: I don't actually know, I don't go out often enough to have a stable idea.
-Role model: Jonothan!
-Are you a role model?: I have no clue.
-Ever been to Six Flags?: Yup, Six Flags in Dallas. That was neat-o, though I was only 5 years old.

***The Last...
-Thing you ate: Pizza
-Thing you drank: Coke
-Thing you wore: Fabric
-Place you went:
-Thing you got pierced/tattooed: n/a
-Person you saw: Dad
-Person you kissed: ....i really hate you. a lot. you just don't stop.
-Person you talked to: Veda
-Song you heard: Gouryella by Wallhalla (techno)
-What time is it now? 2:09
-Time you were at a party?: No clue...whenever the last time Ben had one was...
-Time you threw up?: Summer before 8th grade, wasn't sick though, was just due to not eating enough.
-Time you were drunk?: ...uhhh, never have been....
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I finally joined the crowd, gave into peer pressure, went with the grain, rode the get the idea. I added the ability for everyone to comment on my pitiful and sad life. Note the linkage down at the bottom of the post, by the name/time. Enjoy.
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It's that time of year again, kids. Yes, school has wrapped up and it's time for Tim to reflect on everything that's happened. Just because. I'm gonna reflect on all my new friends, my techers, all the courses I took, everything, so this should be long.

My favorite class was either DDP or Biology. Both had awesome teachers and I learned a LOT. Least favorite has to be German. Never met a woman so evil and retarded.

1st Period: Study Hall and Biology Labs. Study Hall held nothing all. Just a time to do stuff. Biology, like I said, rocked. Ms. Benenati was the nicest teacher and really knew how to handle the class. Besides that, we had the biggest group of slackers who always had something funny to say. Really a great class to start the day with.

3rd Period: Math. I feel sorry for poor Mr. Kuckes....we had a class full of hicks and druggies, who really just gave him hell. He's an ok teacher, but he just doesn't command respect. It had it's ups and downs. Honors math was great, with Mr. Bock (now retired). He really knows how to teach math.

4th Period: Lunch/PE. Not even gonne bother with lunch - it's lunch, nothing more to say. PE had it's moments, with Zach and Ben (Feldman), me absolutely sucking at softball and tennis, drinking mountain dew as the ball flies past me...very amusing, sometimes boring.

5th Period: German. Ugh. You know how I feel. Latin all the way for next year.

6th period: DDP (Design and Drawing for Production). GREAT class. Mr. Briegle did an outstanding job despite the fact that it's his first year teaching. He know how to command respect, and he gets the students to really want his respect and approval. It helped me look at how to solve problems in a much more systematical way, which is good for me. The only real friend I had in there was Ben (Myers) but everyone gets along in there so it was really nice.

7th/8th Period: First Semester: Global. ABSOLUTELY ROCKED MY SOCKS. It wasn't Ms. Shenks fault, either. The class itself would really suck if it weren't for the awesome combination of people we had. Everyone in there was completely different but we had some of the funniest times in there. I feel sorry for Ms. Shenk, she's a fine teacher, but really just can't control a group like that - few people could. Second Semester: English. It sucked for the first marking period...absolutely boring. Once Mrs. Metzler lightened up, though, it was great. As she got to know us we really had some good laughs in there (Othello, anyone?). She was an okay teacher, a little bit impersonal and too mature for our class, but not bad. She'll prolly be my teacher next year too.

Overall, a good year academically. Definately could have done better, but I plan on doing just that next year.

Hoo boy....I made a TON of new friends this year, I never would have believed it was possible beforehand. May God prevent me from forgetting anyone new that I met! Ladies first, of course.

Gwen : We met in Math (our only calss together), and we've had some of the funniest times! She rocks. ;-)

Shoshana: I met her via Sam, and my first impression of her was at a party, where she spent most of the time in someone's LAP. A great start, would you not say? She's very pokeable. *cough*

Mollie: She's short, she's got fuzzy hair, and we had some good laughs before she got sick. Get better!

Colette: I met her via Sam too. We didn't have any classes together, and we never got to see eachother outside of school, but that doesn't really matter. She's been a good friend and always has a smile ready.

Katie (Fives): She was in my homeroom, and, I just kinda met her. Sort of through Shoshana, but it doesn't really matter. She's very....different! :-D

Caitlyn: She's in my homeroom and German, and we spent much time complaining to eachother about how much we hate Mary and German and things in general. Hahaha...

Myriah: She was in my Biology class, and I haven't really gotten to talk to her much outside of that, but she's still very nice and was the only person who called me by my real name in Biology class.

Amy (Somogy): I met her through Gwen, and we really only get to talk when she's with Gwen, but that's okay. She's very nice to me! (unlike GWEN, *cough*)

Eileen: Another friend through Gwen. She lives in Liverpool, and I've never gotten to meet her, but some day....somewhere....we will!

Alycia: Oh dear goodness, bring out the us the day this girl leaves high school. O.O

Courtney: I sorta met her through Ryan...complicated story. Stupid skirt. *mutter*

*attempting to rush, about to leave* Now for those of the male-persuasion. This might take a LONG time. Might as well start with those I met first.

Ben (Myers): First met him at a party of his, he's been a faithful friend the entire year. He's always around to remind me that I'm stupid. Indispensible.

Zach: I have no clue when I met him, probably at one of the parties, I dunno. But he's always up late at night to chat with and is just plain cool.

Jared: I met him partly through Sam, probably at a party of Ben's. We had some great times in Global and English, changing the homework...and stuff.

Paul: I really don't know how I came about to meet him...I think it was in my homeroom. Who knows. Anyways! He's usually there to tell me how much my typing poor my use of the English language get the idea. Very cool.

Bah, I ran out of time, I'll continue this later.

EDIT: (Wednesday) Whoops. Blogger, once again, was being retarded, and didn't tell me it posted twice, or that it actually posted this in the first place. My apologies. Moving on...

Weilin: I had sort of met him before, but I hadn't really gotten to know him at all till this year.

Ben (Feldman): He was in my gym class, and he joined with Zach in the mockery of my physical abilities.

Dan: He's a friend of Jared's that I really didn't get to talk to till a party at Jared's house. Nifty guy.

I was really in the mood to do this on Sunday, but now I'm just completely blanking. Darnit. Oh well...lemme know if I forgot you. It really wasn't intentional! Just remember that these are people I met this year, so...hehe. Anwyays. Staying at Daniel's house has been fun. Ben's computer hasn't been working (supposedly it's running at 90 degrees Celsius, or 190 degrees farenheit - almost hot enough to biol water) so we haven't been doing much LAN stuff. We played some Counterstrike...Daniel and I played Sven Co-op, other random games. We've watched a few movies, The Bourne Identity, (really cool) The Hire, (a collection of 10-15 minute action films made by 10 different directors, hired by BMW - very cool) and there was something else. I can't remember. Oh well. Both my exams, I think, went well. None of the stuff I didn't understand was on the Math final, which greatly relieved me. The German might be a problem, but I seriously doubt I got below a B. I have the Biology on Friday, and another German (mary = retarded) on Monday. Those should be even easier. Especially the German, considering it's supposed to be for Level 1 students. See, I took the final exam for Level 1 in September, so I could get into German 2. (I now wish I had taken Latin) Apparantly "that doesn't count" because Frau O'Dell "doesn't understand how New York's schools work" despite the fact that Frau O'Dell (who, by the way, is my old German Teacher) has lived here for a few years. ANYWAYS! Having done the tests, we're hoping to get some Airsoft played this evening with the three of us (ben, daniel, me) and Ben Anible. We aren't sure where to play, but, we'll figure it out some how. Supposedly there's a park by Buttermilk falls we can play at which nobody goes to. We can hope!

A few weeks ago I took some more pictures of my room. Here they are. :-) I won't post all of them, just those that might interest...okay, I doubt any of you are actually interested, but that doesn't really matter. *sniff* I'll just give you a link to them, you can scan through if you like.

Pictures!!! YAY!!!
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I am so tired. I've had a pretty busy week. I spent four/five hours yesterday trying to make my rocket. Dad came home and we got it all made, it looks pretty good now. We finished the rocket up at about 11:30, and I finished my English portfolio at about 1:00. It took me forever to fix the formatting of the final piece I was doing, and I added about a page of stuff.

For those of you who don't know, all English classes do a final portfolio at the end of the year. This portfolio has to include a few pieces you did thoughout the year, which you revise and make them as good as you can. You also write reflections on the changes you've made in each of these pieces, add a cover page, table of contents, and a binder, and you have a portfolio. In mine I went for being thorough and did four pieces. I did the last piece tonight. All in all it should come up to about 40 pages worth of stuff, but that's including all the old drafts of my pieces.

I'm very tired, and I didn't get a chance to eat. CRAP! I forgot to bring cookies! See we're supposed to have this dessert thingy in German....I've failed to bring anything to them all year. Oh well. Not like I'm gonna take German next year. Muhahah. (One and 1/2 days left! Woo!) Anyways, I need to amuse my downtrotten spirit with some comics.

UPDATE: Bah. I'm bored. It's 7th period right's like..blah. I finished my English portfolio. So now I'm kinda sitting around and I'm just gonna play games.
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I've had a really good weekend. Friday was nifty, spent it playng games and talking to people, ordered out for pizza and wings, lots of fun. Saturday's SAT II wasn't nearly as bad as I had expected. It was pretty easy, but the diagram of the heart and of the grasshopper almost screwed e over. Other than those, I only omitted 3 questions, I think I probably got 11 wrong, which gives me a 750. For those who don't know how SAT scoring works...every question you get correct is +1 point. Every question you get wrong, you get -.25 points. Every question you omit does nothing. That's your raw score. They use some table of conversions to get a number between 200 and 800, 800 being highest. To get an 800, you could get a 77 raw score minimum, etc. To be above 700, you can get a raw of 68. Pretty easy.

I'm probably gonna take Thief back...I just haven't been interested in it enough. I dunno what I'll get in return, maybe Gladius, I dunno. A new controller would be good, considering I have two not-so-great controllers. Meh.

Sunday was nice, too. I went to church (with donuts as my breakfast) and there was a pretty weird kid in our Sunday school class...from Tennessee. Pocketwatch, shirt and tie, apparantly his family is buying a vinyard and already have a piece of property up here. Kinda weird. After church I went home for an hour and took care of the dogs. Went to Miller's house where we played Halo and watched a bunch of animations and stuff. Went home for an hour, took care of the dogs and had a fn time at Sam's house. We watched The Pianist. That was a hard movie to watch. Bah. The'yre kicking us out.
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AH....summer is like, almost here. I can taste it. I've had a good couple days recently. I'm getting a significant amount of sleep. 7-8 hours is definately the best dose. School has just gone down hill. I can't work when I'm this hyped. Which is bad, considering important things are happening. Oh well! Gotta go mow a lawn soon. It's finally nor raining! I love rain, but only when accompanied by LOUD thunder. I hear no thunder.

Moving on, I still haven't recieved a reply from the Computer Room. I'm just gonna walk in, and get them familiar with me. Eventually once they know I'm competent I'll ask if I can work. I really hope I can. I bought Thief 3 the other day at the store, that's been jolly good fun to play. Sunday night I spent at Daniel's house, we rented Gladius, that was also loads of fun. Went to the very boring Memorial Day picnic, and came home. I stress the boring part. It was indeed boring. Meanwhile I keep trying not to think about how I'm definately not a ninja. Don't ask.

I need to get going, perhaps post something later.


LATER UPDATE (next morning): (woo) I ended up doing some weed-whacking with the new trimmer we got...that's really tiring. Oof. Arms hurt. *yawn* Being Friday morning, I'm still waking up. Bah. SAT II tomorrow...I'm not too worried. I think it will go well. It's sort of an experiment, to see if I can actually get by on any test without studying. I've done it all year, but this is probably the best test. 5 days left of can't believe it. Woot!
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