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This is the personal blog of Tim. Here, Tim writes on anything he has enough inspiration to finish a post on. That usually ends up being matters of science, pop culture, technology, religion, and philosophy.

This blog is around nine years old, which is over a third of Tim's current age. Back in 2003, it was called "Of Tim: Tim's life - or lack thereof", and it was as bad as you might expect the blog of a freshman in high school to be. Tim hopes that his writing is a little better, these days.

Tim welcomes any input that you, the dear reader, might have. Comments are very much appreciated, especially if you have a dissenting opinion. If you'd like to learn more about Tim, you might want to see his facebook or google+.

Also: Tim is a very avid consumer of various sorts of music. You may be interested in his playlists!

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So, I officially declare parties where you go around and ask eachother stupid questions (all about how much sex you've had) as stupid. The trick-or-treating was fun, the party sucked. It wasn't Colette's fault at all, it was just the stupid questions and retarded answers. Having learned some stuff that really didn't make me happy, I stabbed my wall 5 times, and punched it for good measure. Huzzah.


5 Butterfingers
3 Twixes
8 Crunches
13 Kit Kats
10 Tootsie Rolls
15 Reeses Pieces
15 Suckers
10 M&M thingies
4 Milky Ways
2 Skittles
2 Sweet Tarts
10 Various Smartie/Smartie Powder thingies
1 Nerds
50 random thingies

Mostly pretty good. I gave away about 15 snickers and 5 bars of white chocolate.
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Because I feel the need to post, again. As I do my chemistry stuff, I've been confronted with a really new problem.

I want to know everything about everything.

I feel like I have to be an expert on every subject I touch. If I do something, I can't suck at it. That's my thought process. I'll work at it till I don't suck.

And it's wearing me out as far as my will to learn goes. I think it's mostly because of the resources I've been using for research. has mountains, gold mines, whatever you wish, of information. On everything. Every time I touch that place I end up having 5 windows open, because there was a term I didn't understand in whatever I was researching. I went from researching Alkali Metals to Hydrogen Bombs and Atomic Clocks and Jupiter. And every time I open a new window, I'm presented with a page full of stuff I don't know or understand. And yet out of this necessity to know, I read until I at least have a partial understanding. I hate it. Yay for not being satisfied with the fact that I'm not Einstein.

It's not like I obsess over the subject, it's just a frustration I've reached as I research various stuff.
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Mmmm, I woke up at 11:30, and it felt good. I've been planning out the next two weeks a little bit, as there's only 9 days left until Halo 2 comes out (so far it's gotten 3 perfect 10's), and at this point there are two LAN parties on the horizon, both of which Daniel informed me of. Apparantly the administration is allowing a LAN on the 9th in the cafeteria, for three hours. How awesome is that? Yeah, well, you be quiet, because it is awesome. The other is a standard Halo 2 party over Thanksgiving, but as things are setting up, we're gonna have more than 16 people, but maybe we'll have an extra box set up so two people can play co-op? Anyways, that's got me pumped up. I actually had a dream last night that I got my hands on the full, English, NTSC version, and I had invited a couple friends over to play, and I was screaming insanities from being so excited. *cough*

Another slight thing that has me worried is that my XBox has been getting more and more disc errors - Daniel found a few forum threads saying it was cause by the type of drive in my XBox. Apparantly the lens slowly slides out of place. I'd work on replacing it right now, but with Halo 2 coming out in a few days, I really don't wanna be left without an XBox on that day. :-(

I hadn't made a gaming post for a while, I figured I was obligated.
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This week has slowly been growing more enjoyable and fun at an exponential rate. Not to say it didn't start out great, because, well, it was great at the beginning too. Today was nifty, as I finally got the recommended 7 hours of sleep (I'm trying to cut down on the obligatory sleep comments) and I finally have proof that less sleep makes for a longer, harder school day. I swear, my classes flew by, and I had enough energy after school to chill with Caitlyn, and Megan, Katherine (she had to break off from the group shortly afterwards to go to dance), and Ben Feldman, and we ended up running into Ben Myers, and he stuck with us for a while, and summoned Zach down, but then they went back up to their house, and Megan went her own way. About then it was, I guess, 4:30, and Ben Feldman stuck with us for another 10 minutes, and I parted ways with Caitlyn at exactly 4:50, which I must say was excellent timing all around.

We perused a lot of places, mostly at Megan's choosing and whim, but the only place worth noting was Center Ithaca, at which the fire alarm went off and prevented me from getting pizza. :-( We walked around and 5 minutes later there were 3 fire trucks surrounding the place, and the firemen were just leaving. It smelled like things were burning because we were next to some food place. I walked home at a really fast pace, it only took me 10 or 15 minutes to get home from the commons, which just made the icing on the already delicous cake. Overall was mucho excellente.

I have a lot of homework this weekend, plus there's a party at Colette's from 4:30 to 9:30 Sunday, so I may try and tackle some tonight. May being the key word in that sentence. I talked with Gwen on the phone for a long time (like an hour or so) and Daniel for a little while (30 minutes), so I feel extremely socialized today. Today was just awesome to its very core.
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Wewt. Sunday was nift-o. Church was standard, and as it turns out, the "sound team" has officially become "set everything up team". I don't mind all that much, but it sort of gets annoying when you have to spend 30 minutes before and after church moving stuff. Plus, this team consists of no adults, so it's just us four teenage boys, which is kind of messed up. Having no adult on the team makes it harder to get things across to people who set up food and musical stuff. Bah, humbug. Church was good, though it's starting to center almost entirely around Greg and Sunday School. We did Hell (part 1), but unfortunately I forgot all the questions I was gonna ask when the time came. I think some of you guys might like Greg, he explains stuff far better than I can.

Wonga. I don't usually talk that much about church.

Anyways, Monday had it's ups and downs. I woke up late, at 7:30, so I was sprinting around looking for pants, of which I had none, so I had to wear my pair that were olive and too small (strangely enough the waist is still too big despite this, I hate how they make clothes) for me. Got to school alright, had a pretty easy English and Chemistry test, though the Chemistry one might be a little low, at least B+ range , methinks. Didn't have much homework at all, just Math, and I ignored the German. Pah.

Spent most of my time home talking with people and shtuff.
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I couldn't help but share this one.

DragonflyBlade21: A woman has a close male friend. This means that he is probably interested in her, which is why he hangs around so much. She sees him strictly as a friend. This always starts out with, you're a great guy, but I don't like you in that way. This is roughly the equivalent for the guy of going to a job interview and the company saying, You have a great resume, you have all the qualifications we are looking for, but we're not going to hire you. We will, however, use your resume as the basis for comparison for all other applicants. But, we're going to hire somebody who is far less qualified and is probably an alcoholic. And if he doesn't work out, we'll hire somebody else, but still not you. In fact, we will never hire you. But we will call you from time to time to complain about the person that we hired.

BWAHAHAHA, so funny (and true).


Fo shizzle, quizzizzles.

You're Autumn. You're much more laid back than
most and you're very comfortable in new
situations. You would rather let things go with the
flow then try to change them. You have a lot of
close friends who love you because you can help
them with their problems. You're a very patient
person and it takes a lot to get you rattled.
You're definitely a lover, not a hater.

What season are you? (pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

(corrected the horrific grammar and spelling because my eyes were screaming bloody murder)
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*blinks* This week has just blurred by, which causes great joy to me. I haven't gotten much sleep at ALL this week (Caitlyn certainly wasn't any help there, but admittedly I've done the same to her ^^;;;), but I haven't been all that tired. School is getting more and more pleasant. It's sort of set in that it's not going to end, that the school won't burn down, and Mary won't have a heart attack in the near future. In light of that prospect, I've warmed up to the people around me (that I don't know, that is) so new friends are becoming a possibility.

I was up extremely late last night. I finished that retarded formal lab report at like 2:30 or 3, and continued chatting with her until we consented to a 3 (for her, 2) hour nap at 4:00 AM. I woke up at 7:42 and managed to be out the door at 7:50. I had a math quiz and a global test, which I think I did pretty well on. The math quiz was mad easy - everyone in the class was stressing and sounded like they bombed, especially when my teacher started laughing when one girl handed her paper in. Highly amusing.

Verah happy.
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Today felt...long. It just didn't end. German always goes slow, but even Global felt sluggish today. The general lack of sleep sort of adds on to that. I got home at 5:00 yesterday, and plopped down on my bed and slept till 8:15. I probably started my homework at 9:00, maybe 10:00, and didn't finish till 2:00. It wasn't all that bad though, people are on until about midnight, and Caitlyn kept me company for the last two hours.

I found it rather amusing that GTA: San Andreas was leaked. Definately amuses me.
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Today was rather mediocre. School was bland, in general. Yesterday sucked. I didn't have any of my English homework done, and gym was COLD. I didn't get to any other classes, because I was up till 4-ish doing homework, and then I woke up and was like "crap" so I stayed home until 10:00, went to an orthodontics appointment (they say I'm close to being done!) and got to school at like 11:45, and made it into the last 20 minutes of programming. After school I had to take two quizzed I missed. I bombed the one I thought I was gonna do well one (78) and did pretty well on the one I thought I was gonna bomb (90). Anyways, after getting done with that, Gwen and Amy were kind enough to wait for me as I finished them, and they walked with me till the Commons, and I continued on home. It was COLD yesterday. Brrrr. I got to see Amy's house, which was nifty, I guess. Her cat is weird.

Anyways. I guess it's dinner food hour.


Continuing with what I never got to...heh. Caitlyn gave me two CDs she burned for me, of the "Pet Shop Boys", whom have a very 80's techno style. They're different than what I'm used to, but I like them. Some of the songs (only a few) are more pop-ish than techno, though.
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So far this weekend has not lived up to par. Mostly because of a friend of my parent's, who's staying over. Including his little 12/13 year old kid. For some reason, the decided that they'd stick the kid in my room. Why? I don't know. As many of you out there know, I am not particularly fond of middle schoolers. They bother me.

In any case, the two of them got here last night at 7:00. Being expected to entertain the poor child, the only game I had that was worthy of his parent's approval was Burnout 3 (even this was something of a stretch...Halo and Ninja Gaiden were too violent, Fable was....ahem, Dead or Alive was get the idea...). Problem being, he's not a gamer. So he kinda sucked at it. And when I say kinda, I mean really, really, really. Because of that, it only lasted like 30 minutes, so I pleaded to Daniel to bail me out. We talked for like 30 minutes, leaving the kid to read my game manuals and stuff (he said he wanted to!) and was at peace for 20 minutes, until my dad guilt tripped me and had me set him up with the only game suitable for him (or his rents) on my computer, Crack Attack (you line of blocks of the same's innocent...) which worked for about 15 minutes. After that I was forced to abandon the phone, and managed to chat him up for 10 minutes, until (This being about 10:00) he tuckered out, hopped onto my bed, and proceeded to sleep. The indignity of it all was overwhelming, and I didn't really feel like sleeping on my couch, waiting to fall asleep for many hours. So I walked upstairs and watched TV in relative peace, falling asleep on a couch at about midnight.

They leave tomorrow morning.
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Behold, the power of cheese Microsoft...

At approximately 6 AM this morning, Halo 2 was leaked. The full version of the French PAL game was released onto every p2p network and a piracy forum. Almost every XBox related forum was immediately rushed with links, new hosts, spoilers, screenshots, you name it. That lasted, at most, 12 hours. Microsoft stepped in.

All 24 known p2p sites are clean. Every XBox forum I know of is clean. I applaud you, Microsoft.

I have an image of a 19-year-old French hacker, sitting in prison, next to a buff and tattooed man. Inquiring in a gruff voice, "What're you doing here?". The French hacker grins and responds, "I haf leaked ze Halo 2 game! We we!"

Rot in prison, you disgusting example of a gamer.

Or suffer millions in lawsuits.

Either one suits me.
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Oy. Interesting day. Went home early, felt like crap. Took a nap. Nothing else of any interest happened. About to sleep. Woo.

27 days until Halo 2. *attempts not to explode*
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The big long post about my weekend has arrived! Huzzah.

So Sam arrived to my house at like 2:00, and we chilled, ate this awesome bread, and stuff until 4, at which point we left to go to Kerry's house. We looked at pictures, failed at getting Kerry's VCR to work, and other various things. People started arriving at like 6:00 (Ben, Colette, and Zach, then about 15 minutes later Jennie, then Jared, and about two ish hours later Sho, along with Max...). Sho turned out to be the only surprised one about Sam being there, which was severely dissapointing (to me, at least), but it was fun none the less. We ran around outside and continually attempted to sit down and talk, which we continually failed at. It ended at 11:00 and everyone left all at once, by some miracle.

We slept and Sunday arrived. Sam and I set up all the church shtuff and Sam ran the sound for old time's sake. After church at like 12:15 we met up with Sho, Evan, and Kerry and walked to Wownet and played pool, which all of us suck at. Evan had to go, (This being about 1:30) so we went on top of the parking garage. Sho kept saying it was "sketchy" but neither Kerry nor I could find anything truly illegal about being on top of the little used thing. It was extremely cold, so we decided to head down into Collegetown Bagels, which was overpopulated, so we went to Juna's. We ate stuff and I had a moccha, and sat down and felt very warm. (Also, Jeff, Scott, and Brennan made random appearances throughout.) After much coercing, they managed to get me to step into Evolution (I never left the "normal" section), at which Sho bought something, who knows what. We walked from there to T-Shirt express and perused the funny and amusing shirts they had.

From there we parted ways with Sho, and walked up to my house. We hung around there for a good two hours (I owned them all in foosball) and my dad drove us to Dan's house for a little thing he was having there. We ate pizza, played Burnout 3, Halo, SSBMelee, and the little DBZ thingy game. He has a wicked awesome house. Jared didn't get there until we had to leave, unfortunately. We got home at 8:30, and we were left with the dilemma of having two hours to fill. We talked and played scrabble (we came up with new words such as "uzisexed" and "dwifing") and stuff.

Sam left this morning at 7:30 (he didn't wake me up, just left a note). Lots of fun.
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I want my dignity back.
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1. Kissed your cousin: Three words: WHAT_THE_CRAP.
2. Ran away: Newp.
3. Pictured your crush naked: What?
4. Skipped school: Nay.
5. Broken someone's heart?: I don't think so..
7. Cried when someone died: Yep, when my cousin died in 5th grade.
8. Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have: Welcome to mah world.
9. Broken a bone: Not one.
10. Done something embarrassing: Most of the embarrasing stuff I do is partially on purpose.
11. Lied: Yeah, but not often at all.
12. Cried in school: Nope.


13. Coke or Pepsi: Coke.
14. Sprite or 7UP: Sprite.
15. Girls or guys: Girls.
16. Candy or flowers: How about candy flowers?
17. Mustache or goatee: Goatee, mustaches are grody.
18. Blondes or brunettes: Don't make me choose. Please.
20. Tall or short: Tall.
21. Pants or shorts: Pants. They're more stylish.
22. Night or day: Night. I'd every night outside if it were feasible. There's always a cool breeze, the moon is beautiful, everything is calm.


29. Romantic memory: Romance? Hah. I wish.
30. Your good luck charm: N/A
31. Person you hate most: I am particularly lacking a fondness of the "greg" at my school. What a doofus.
32. Best thing that has happened lately: Buying Burnout 3.
33. On your desk: Kleenex, Dr Pepper, finger nail kit thingy, watch, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, wallet, large roll of bills, change, leatherman, moniter.
34. Picture on your desktop: Two tanks from Halo.
35. Color[s]: Black, Red, Green, Deep Blue.
36. Movie[s]:

Unbreakable, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Matrix, Spiderman 2, The Bourne Identity, The Blues Brothers, Gladiator
37. Artist or band:
Bond, Coldplay, Moby, Modest Mouse, DJ Tiesto, Newsboys, Jars of Clay, DJ Doboy, Franz Ferdinand, Paul Oakenfeld
38. Car: Lambourghini.
39. Ice cream: Cookies n' Cream.
41. Breakfast food: S'mores pop tarts with milk.


42. Makes you laugh: Ben (Myers)
43. Makes you smile: Daniel or Gwen
44. Can make you feel better no matter what: Colette
45. Who has a crush on you: If someone did that, the world would come to an end. (Elliot wrote that but I thought it was fitting)
46. Do you have a crush on someone?: ...
47. Who has it easiest?: HOMESCHOOLERS.
48. Gives you a funny feeling when you see them: the "greg" (from school) gives me nausia (pardon spelling), but other than that...


49. Sit by the phone waiting for a phone call: No?
50. Save AIM conversations: I have over 10 MB of saved conversations, not including what I lost last time I reinstalled trillian. I automatically log everything. O.o
51. Save e-mails: Usually
52. Forward secret e-mails: No.
53. Wish you were someone else: Sometimes I wish I were a ninja, or a paladin, you know, that kind of thing.
54. Wish you were a member of the opposite sex: No.
55. Wear perfume: I've worn cologne on very rare occasions.
56. Kiss: Don't make me laugh. Becuase...well...don't make me cry. How about that?
57. Cuddle: Guess.
58. Sneak out: I have no reason to sneak out. So no.
59. Fallen for your best friend?: No.
60. Kissed two people in the same day?: Shut up.
62. Been rejected: I hate everyone who makes questions like this.
63. Been in love?: Don't believe in true love at this point in life.
64. Been in lust?: Am I a teenage boy?
65. Used someone?: Oh yes, I am such a player and user.
66. Been used?: No.
67. Dumped someone?: Again.
68. Been cheated on?: Ditto.
69. Been kissed?: Again.....
70. Done something you regret?: Am I human?


71. You touched?: Alex Barr.
72. You talked to?: Daniel.
73. You hugged?: Colette.
74. You instant messaged?: Gwen.
75. You yelled at?: Probably Daniel, lol.
76. You thought about?: I don't actually know, I hadn't thought about anyone until this question, but I guess Colette?
77. Who text messaged you?: No cell phone.
78. Who broke your heart?: Nobody.
79. Who told you they love you?: My fajah.


80. Color of your hair?: Blonde to dirt blonde.
81. Have tattoos?: Never shall I let my body go through such a process.
82. Have piercings?: Look up.
83. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Yet again.
84. Own a webcam?: No.
85. Own a thong?: NO.
86. Have any pets: Daisy and Sam, dogs.
87. Sprechen sie Deutsch?: Du bist einer Depp.
88. Habla espanol?: No.
89. Parlez vous francais?: Nobody likes France. Or Canada. So go back to Mexico.


90. Stolen anything?: Software and music..
91. Smoke?: No.
92. Schizophrenic?: It's on my mom's side genetically.
93. Obsessive?: Slightly, from my mom's side.
94. Compulsive?: Again, from my mom's side.
95. Obsessive compulsive?: Guess.
96. Panic?: Nope.
97. Anxiety?: Not really.
98. Depressed?: From my both sides of my family, I've shown signs of inheriting some of it.

I cut out a few just because they were that retarded.
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For those IE users among my readers that either have not noticed the change in my blog or were too lazy to read my comments, I'v fixed the blog up for you. It looks slightly worse in Firefox (just the margins) but it's a price I suppose I'm willing to pay. I'm now confident enough to leave links to my blog strewn about the internet in my emails and forum signatures. Burnout 3 and XBox Live should arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday (I was quite frustrated, I remember reading that I was getting free shipping and 10 dollars of Live (I ordered from EA directly instead of EB), but it turned out it was just the ten dollars off. I also thought I was getting a no tax deal (not all sites charge tax), but my hopes were failed on that. I probably should have gone with EB (they had free 3-day shipping and free 2 months of Live, which would hold me over until I could get a 12 month package. I also could have avoided shipping on Live by getting it in store later on...yeah, now that I think about it, that was a definite mistake. *sigh*), so maybe I'll change the order if I have the chance tonight.

I have a fair amount of homework - German, Math, Chemistry, English, (i think) Global, so i've got a full night of homework up ahead. I gotta do a small retake of a test tomorrow after school for Chem, which, should bring my average just up to a 90. (it was a B today, they had my homework average at 66.7% even though I did all the homework, so I fixed that) I'm glad for this 4-day weekend though. *breathes sigh of relief*
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School was pretty good for a Monday, almost no homework, and a fairly windy day makes for a pretty good package all around. My grades are slowly creeping back up, but I don't think it's in time for the 5-week report. Chemistry struck another blow to me in that I screwed up, again, on this lab, because I didn't check the letter of the solution we took, meaning we don't know the accepted value of what we measured. Anyone in Smith's class would understand. Chemistry, even though I keep trying and trying just doesn't wanna yield. I just need to keep sharp in there, it's a lot different than my other classes. I can really just lay back and keep an ear out for something I don't know most of the time, (this doesn't work when I'm tired, I fade out too much).

I sold three Nintendo games to Jared, for 20 bucks (we agreed 15 but he gave me 20 anyways), meaning I have enough to get Burnout 3. I've found a deal on EA's website to get 10 bucks off XBox Live and get free shipping, so I think I'm gonna take that. I'm planning on doing all my final mowing this Friday - It should be nice since it's cooling down (It's supposed to be 20 degrees tonight!), which I'm really sorta looking forward to, getting a little exercise, being outside, no school, I dunno, just seems like a nice prospect. At the moment I'm really chilling, all I have for homework is a short bit of reading for English. I kinda wish I could sit in a hammock with some techno (I really need this stuff on CD!) and nap. But I have no hammock, it's too cold outside, I have no techno on CD, I could spend all day boring you with that nonsense. Anyways, I'm hoping I can order Burnout and Live tonight or tomorrow, using a little loan from mah rents.
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Measuring the fame of a game is a hard thing to do. Everyone has different opinions, good and bad. But I think I've found a way to really get a basic measurement on a game's fame. I call it the google. Measured in millions of search results, you can quickly find exactly how famous a game is. The key to this is using the exact phrase operator - "(insert query)", it automatically removes all the DEFINATELY unrelated search results. For example, it changes the query 'half life' from 11.4 to 3.61. Those other 7.79 all just contained the word half or life. Obviously unrelated. But on to the point - I've measured all the games I own in googles, and some of you may find the results interesting. What you see (excepting the colon) is the exact query, only without the "_" operator.

Halo: 2.54 (see comments)

Total War: .929 ("Total War" game OR PC OR RTS OR rome OR medieval OR shogun)

Ninja Gaiden: .306 ("Ninja Gaiden" game OR xbox OR tecmo OR team OR ninja OR ryu OR hayabusa OR nintendo OR microsoft"

Fable: .667 (using "Fable" game OR xbox OR molyneux OR lionhead)

Dead or Alive: .551 ("dead or alive" game OR xbox OR fighting OR nintendo OR playstation OR Ultimate)

Grand Theft Auto: 1.92 ("Grand Theft Auto" game OR ps2 OR xbox OR PC OR tommy OR vercetti)

Starcraft: .7 (using "starcraft" Blizzard OR RTS OR PC OR game OR protoss OR terran OR zerg OR brood OR war) (also remember this thing was made in 1996, so the popularity of it faded before websites were as easily made/maintained)

Warcraft: 1.34 ("Warcraft" blizzard OR RTS OR game OR PC )

Rainbow Six: .749 ("Rainbow Six" game OR PC OR xbox OR FPS OR tom OR Clancy's OR ubisoft)

Splinter Cell: .904 ("Splinter Cell" game OR xbox OR PC OR ps2 OR gc OR gamecube OR sam OR fisher OR stealth OR ubisoft OR tom OR clancy's)

Final Fantasy: 1.85 (using "Final Fantasy" game OR playstation OR ps2 OR PC OR square OR RPG)

Keep in mind that some games don't work under this method. Ex: Mario. That will give you approximately 11, but the vast majority are about actualy PEOPLE, so you can't count that as accurate. Halo and Half Life both have a healthy chance of being inflated, due to the names. Halo is gonna bring up stuff about, well, halos, and Half Life is gonna bring up sites on chemistry and radioactive substances, so it evens out, essentially. Here are some other interesting queries I did.

Half Life (as a note, this did also include the hyphenated form of the name, so those weren't omitted): 2.76 (see comments)

Zelda: 1.33 (using "Zelda" game OR link OR miyamoto OR Nintendo OR gamecube)

Metroid: .486 (using "Metroid" prime OR samus OR Nintendo OR gamecube OR game)

Diablo: 1.21 (using "Diablo" game OR Blizzard OR PC)

Gran Turismo: 1.15 (using "Gran Turismo" game OR ps2 OR playstation OR racing OR cars)

Myst: .562 (using "Myst" game OR PC OR xbox OR ubisoft)

Metal Gear Solid: .986(using "Metal Gear Solid" game OR ps2 OR playstation OR snake)

Resident Evil: 1.47 (using "resident evil" game OR playstation OR ps2 OR PC OR gamecube OR gc)

Unreal Tournament: 1.27 (using "Unreal Tournament" game OR PC OR FPS)

Let me know if I left any big franchises out, I think I got most of em. I didn't try Doom because of the horrid innacuracy it will bring up, there's too much other stuff you can pull out of that. Just on the first page of results there were two unrelated links.

EDIT: I've changed all the searches with said queries, I think it really represents everything MUCH more accurately.
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Ah yes, I do love Fridays. Spent the afternoon down at the Apple Festival with Ben and Colette, then walked home and played some Ninja Gaiden after Fable continually gave me the dirty disc error. I've realized the Ninja Gaiden soundtrack is excellent - it's an awesome combo of techno and classical techniques. Along with a good game. I'm hoping to get enough money for Live sooner or later so I can get those upgrades for Ninja Gaiden (new weapon, more outfits for Ryu, handful of new enemies, improved graphics, new music, improved AI and increased difficulty), and then Burnout 3, and then Rome: Total War. So many games, so little time! *glee*

In other news: HALO 2 IS ONE WEEK OR LESS FROM GOLD STATUS. Frankie announced today in Bungie's weekly update that they just shipped the game to final testing, where it will be double checked for errors and glitching, and from then on it's just production and compiling of everything. They have over 2 million pre orders to fill, and that's not even including Best Buy, Amazon, FYE, Target, Walmart, etc., and all those stores. They've got some work to do still, obviously. That psyched me up a little bit.

In even better news: Sam may be coming over next weekend. He hasn't confirmed it with the dude he's hitching a ride with, but if all goes well, he'll be here for three days next weekend. Cool, yes? Yes, it is.

EDIT: Sam isn't going to be coming after all. It turns out the guy he was coming over with doesn't have enough room in his car.

I really love Ninja Gaiden's soundtrack.